Astrologically Speaking: October 10 - 17


Highlights October 9-14

Restrictions, rules, structure, and limits are in place and less negotiable than usual. The final word could stem from precedents in cultural history or scientific laws.
FULL MOON Typically full moon phases are associated with mania, but this one is repressive or withholding. Paradigms about migration or social change invite political commentary. Appealing forms from nature or other catalysts coalesce to bring new direction.
SUN CONJUNCT SATURN All Day: Serious talk about culture and science might designate them as the saving grace of civilization.


Full Moon is @ M74 'Phantom Galaxy'

Monday, October 10

SUN CONJUNCT SATURN All Day: Even high-level authority figures have to answer to a greater power, be it Mother Nature or the Supreme Court. On a level of conscience, everyone is beholden to legitimize his or her claim to fame.
MOON CONJUNCT URANUS 1 PM EDT: Surprise developments are noteworthy because they serve to bring on new eras.
FULL MOON 2/6 All Day: Emotions run high, yet there are restraints or suppression. Effects of migration or other social developments are on everyone's mind.

Tuesday, October 11

MOON TRINE MARS 12 PM EDT: Looking back in order to move forward is legitimate. Historical analysis is often the basis for forecasting the future. In this case it includes soliciting expert opinions and support.
FULL MOON peak 3/6 It is possible to imagine a way out of the current melancholy. Taming the wild side will be tricky and successful if it preserves the beauty of natural forms.
UN CONJUNCT SATURN All day: The transition from surviving to thriving requires personality enhancers, network alterations and/or viewpoint shifts.


Wednesday, October 12

MOON OPPOSED SATURN 1:15 AM EDT: An expert, certified point of view can be helpful. Even the most seasoned authority appreciates a valid perspective as yet unseen.
MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE All day: Easy conversation, creative approach, and intuition reinforced by instincts create a dynamic plan. Teams and/or powerful couples exert a force within communities, so it is smart to join forces!


Full moon from the space station

FULL MOON 4/6 All day: It seems right to join two entities or integrate two bodies of knowledge together. This can be very productive for showing contrasts and sharing.
SUN CONJUNCT SATURN All day: Veneration of ideas and directives from authorities and leaders is a basic operating tool now. Inspired teachers encountered now can guide an entire lifetime.

Thursday, October 13

Sun's portrait at the start of the week

SUN CONJUNCT SATURN All day: Less consumption and more culture building are on the agenda. Noble causes that propel groups to altruism and longevity are especially fortunate.


Full moon is near the Triangulum constellation indicating math & geometry skills are handy!

FULL MOON 5/6 All day: While there are many restrictions in effect now, there are also options for evolution. Migration, scholarship, and artfulness assist development.



A comet passes in front of the beehive cluster in 2004, Mars is there now.

Friday, October 14

MOON SQUARE MARS 4 AM EDT: Large gatherings of people are interesting in themselves. A program of ethnic treasures, applied science, or motivation techniques will enrich the group experience.
FULL MOON 6/6 All day: A cheerful demeanor works wonders. Sometimes a humble ego can maneuver better than an inflated one.
SUN CONJUNCT SATURN All Day: Veneration of teachers, mentors, and elders is a helpful mindset. Ultra respectful behavior is apropos this week. Emulating the classics and established ways of doing things seems just right... at least for now!
VENUS OPPOSED JUPITER All Day: Huge feelings of generosity create a ground swell. Yet it is wise to consider that the balance is practicality and frugality.


Ultra violet map of Mercury's surface


Saturday, October 15

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE 6:45 AM EDT: Analysis of fantasy, dreams, and myth could yield some real treasures. However, survival, health, and business thrive on instinct, logic, and reason.

Sunday, October 16


In September 2008 a star with a Jupiter size planet was found. (upper left circle) now 100's are known!

MERCURY OPPOSED JUPITER All day: Analysts take a look at current enterprises to obtain information on versatility or longevity. Most people are steered by primal instincts like mating and survival. National pride or community mores put a helpful context to all of the above.


<strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Mars is near the Eskimo Nebula </strong></span></strong>


Monday, October 17

MOON TRINE SATURN 3:15 AM EDT: One hit wonders need something solid to repeat the success. If talented people adapt to the zeitgeist, they keep pace and remain fashionable!




<strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>South pole of Neptune</strong></span></strong>

October 17-23


It's compelling to weave in the recent lessons learned during the full moon. Future goals include a better life and richer experience of science and culture. Community, national, or global consensus will influence trends so it's smart to know your audience.









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