Astrologically Speaking: October 17 - 24


The Sun on October 16 shows sunspot configurations on the face and on each limb. They occur in pairs near the equator.

The Sun on October 16 shows sunspot configurations on the face and on each limb. They occur in pairs near the equator.

It's easy to weave in lessons recently learned during the full moon October 9 -14. Future goals could include a better life and a richer experience of science and culture. Community, national, or global consensus will influence trends so it's smart to know your audience.

The Sun is in front of Spica the star known as 'the shaft of wheat' held in the hand of the Agricultural goddess, Virgo

Monday, Oct. 17

MOON TRINE SATURN 3:15 AM EDT: One hit wonders need something solid to repeat the initial success. If talented people breathe the zeitgeist, they keep pace and remain fashionable!
(all day): Lively conversation and exciting ideas pair people up for long-term partnerships. Humor and education are two interesting by-products; everyone has a laugh and learns something.


Tuesday, Oct. 18

MOON SQUARE URANUS 1 AM EDT: Many actions uphold brand names, company policy, and team spirit. The closed group is invited to use the contrary thinkers in their midst. This is challenging but fresh ideas are progressive!
MOON OPPOSED PLUTO 7:30 AM EDT: A think tank or focus group can determine what makes things tick. It is helpful to know what is at the center of gravity.


Uranus above is pictured third from right where you can see the tilt of its axis: it spins on its side

or diplomats enact awards or confer titles. By virtue of the role they retain influence via their link with the newly crowned associates.
MOON TRINE VENUS 9:00 PM A better standard for love, money, or art develops. Social events seem to aim for the heart.


Helix Nebula: Neptune is nearby

Wednesday, October 19

MOON SQUARE SATURN 1:15 PM Competition, rabble-rousing, or distracting behavior is transformed by formalities. This is by influence of the classics.
MOON SQUARE SUN 11:30 PM Assessment of what happened during the full moon (October 9-14) should clarify issues and set a course for the future.


A band of clouds on Neptune


SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (all day): After reviewing past arguments or conflicts, mishaps are forgiven and it is easy to smooth over hurt feelings. However, fantasies are easy to indulge and that might take things too far, so moderation is recommended.


Neptune is transiting near Fomalhaut a bright star with a protoplanetary disk the first discovered in 2005!

Thursday, October 20

MOON SQUARE URANUS 9 AM EDT: Innovations resonate nicely with group goals and interests. Meetings and other collaborations are very successful.
5:30 PM Group consensus may not see the best opportunities. It takes mavericks and/or clear thinkers to galvanize everyone to the best choice.
(all day): Chaos or sadness can be managed by means of uplifting cultural devices. Activities like dances, games, or ceremonies direct attention towards hope and fulfillment.

Friday, October 21

MOON SQUARE MERCURY 4 AM EDT: Internal contradictions are displayed within dramatic events. This calls for expert analysis and certified judgments.
9:30 AM EDT: Publicity could achieve dramatic results but also throw things out of balance. To regain harmony, excellent social, aesthetic, and financial judgment is needed.
12:15 PM EDT: This moment is a focal point for social choices and group dynamics. The questions are four-fold: who is in charge, which person is the ideologist, who is the mascot, and barometer?


Mars moves to the head of the lion activating folks born early August!

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (all day): Improvisation and other creative integral techniques help weave the new in with the old. This makes a strong and brilliant fabric!



Saturday, October 22

MOON OPPOSED NEPTUNE 7:45 AM EDT: VIPs and high profile people run into fog, sludge and/or chaos. An expert navigator does well. Others could go into psychic or physical overload so build strength today!
7:30 PM EDT: It is fairly easy to borrow power, get help, adapt, or evolve. However, the request should read like a contract.

Since Jupiter is near the triangulum constellation there is ongoing measurement and construction

MOON TRINE JUPITER 9:00 PM Luck and good fortune are easy to spot and ripe for the picking. The only caveat is: don't wait too long!


squint your eyes to see Neptune's south pole's a pentagon pattern

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (all day): Intuition and flexibility help to work all of the current materials into an artful presentation.


Sunday, October 23

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (all day): Reinvention, new arrangements, and historical reenactments are responses to nostalgia.



Hexogonal shape at Saturn's north pole has been explained finally!

Monday, Oct. 24

MOON OPPOSED URANUS 2:15 PM EDT: Futurism, technology, and networking gain a contrasting point of view. Since agriculture is a neglected key to survival, knowledge of it provides missing elements.
MOON SQUARE PLUTO 8:15 PM EDT: Current events portray which factions resist practical solutions. It is beneficial to let go of worn out ideas and bad habits. Clear the decks for the new moon October 24-29!


Einstien's cross in Pegasus is the name of this quasar. Only the image in the center the others are lensed projections of the quasar


PRE NEW MOON (all day): There is deliberation-and tension-- about which virtues are the highest priority (i.e. truth, purity and nobility) and how to inspire virtuous attitude and behavior. Ironically, intrigue with spooky or supernatural events and qualities are also widespread.







The old Moon rises before the Sun. For three days before and after the New Moon the crescent is not visible.



Next week at a Glance

The new moon phase October 24-29 starts new trends in motion that will climax on the full moon November 8-12. This new moon favors team building and is very lucky for new partnerships!

The old Moon rises before the Sun. For three days before and after the New Moon the crescent is not visible



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