Astrologically Speaking: October 24 - 31


Jupiter and moon Io shows volcanic activity on the dark side of io!

Highlights for the week: THE NEW MOON PHASE October 24-29 starts new trends in motion. This phase favors team building and is very lucky for new partnerships and social outreach! It is possible to bring new life to existing relationships and set up productive habits! These new developments will set up events that climax on the full moon November 8-12.

VENUS SQUARE MARS Fights clear the air. Each side gets a chance to display dramatic feelings. By airing complaints, creative solutions are possible. This is a challenging time for peace lovers!


JUPITER TRINE PLUTO (all week) Access to important sources, secrets, and powers feeds huge opportunities for many people. Especially affected are those born April 19-23, December 21-18, and August 21-30.


Venus transits near alpha Libra indicating good choices in romance are possible even though it is also square Mars implying some conflicts are part of the picture.



Monday, October 24

MOON OPPOSED URANUS 2:15 PM EDT: Futurism, technology, and networking get a contrasting point of view. Since agriculture is a neglected key to survival, knowledge of it provides missing elements.

The Farmer's Almanac recommends the New Moon for planting a new crop. In a similar fashion, The New Moon phase is fertile ground for new projects and new relationships!

MOON SQUARE PLUTO 8:15 PM EDT: Current events portray which social factions resist practical solutions. It is beneficial for individuals to let go of worn out ideas and bad habits. Clear the decks for the new moon October 24-29!
PRE NEW MOON (all day): There is deliberation-and tension-- about which virtues are the highest priority (i.e. truth, purity, and nobility) and how to inspire virtuous attitude and behavior. Ironically, intrigue with the supernatural is also widespread.

Tuesday, October 25

PRE NEW MOON (all day): Teams are forming and they are expected to perform miracles. In addition, high moral standards are a basic necessity.

Spica is a star that dims and brightens every four days. It is ten times the size of our Sun. Saturn is near this star a symbol of culture!

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN 10:00 PM EDT: This is a good time to check in with authority figures, especially on topics of science and culture.


Wednesday, Oct. 26

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE 6:15 PM EDT: Improvisation or flow of consciousness rides well today. Bright ideas from last week are in the mix! When ready, they are set in motion.

Jupiter is "Jove" in Latin and in astrology it is known for joviality among other things.  This is a happy image of Jupiter showing large moons

NEW MOON 12:00 PM EDT: Teambuilding strategies could include pairing up those with contrasting skills but similar goals.
MOON OPPOSED JUPITER 8:00 PM EDT: It takes significant teamwork to make something happen. Those in the know welcome opposing points of view. A survey of natural forces and laws provides insight. Also referencing back to important cultural heritage gets results when instincts are sharp.


Mercury near constellation Serpents of Ophicius the shaman indicates information about healing is available this week.

Thursday, Oct. 27

POST NEW MOON (all day): There is tension about what the most fortunate team-building options are and what coupling will serve to benefit the most.
10:00 PM EDT: Cultural resources are easily put to use. Collecting gems from current events and personal contacts will pave the way! This is a time of great inspiration and discovery! It's apropos to start a research project and/or a lively, ongoing discussion.


Venus transits Unukahai in Serpens--heart of the serpent-indicates intriguing romance.

MOON SQUARE MARS 11:00 PM EDT Removing obstacles-material, social or psychological-ushers in activism, spiritual leadership, or other directives.
11:45 PM EDT: Scents and flavors can be used in campaigns, art, healing, or seduction. There are memorable experiences at this time. Lots of action affects the six senses and mating instincts.

Friday, October 28

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE 7:45 AM EDT Revenge for grudges or religious propaganda gets re-vamped to a better tone. This upgrade is due to patrons' utopian bias or idealistic nature.
(all day): High levels of originality gain special appeal. Special treats enhance unrelated products or services. As odd as this seems, borrowing prestige is an everyday practice by artists and promoters. Purists will take offense but everyone is intrigued.
...GMT/EDT Mapping a route or constructing powerful paradigms creates new systems. It takes a while to find uses for new inventions.
(all day): Everyone seeks the comrades they feel are right for professional and personal endeavors.


Comet Elenin photographed with a mysterious triangle shape surrounding it (see center)

Saturday, Oct. 29

SUN OPPOSED JUPITER (all day): Reaching out, making contact, and increasing sociability gleans tremendous benefits: health, happiness, and friendship.

Sunday, October 30

SUN OPPOSED JUPITER (all day): Teamwork, mutual support, and opinion surveys bring insight, advice, and guidelines.


Neptune approaches utopian star Fomalhaut in 2012 indicating enhanced pirituality

MOON TRINE MARS 2:00 EDT; There is plenty of extra energy and enthusiasm for activism, and other consciousness-raising projects.



MOON SQUARE URANUS 3:00 PM EDT The center of gravity in various spheres becomes obvious and it could often be a personality cult. On the other hand, science becomes dogma and this is unsettling for free thinkers.

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO 10:00 PM EDT The state of politics and value of commodities is clearer at this time, even if very complex and hard to control. Strategies that support survival are in the works.

Monday, October 31

VENUS SQUARE NEPTUNE (all day): Fantasies have a function in humor and other harmless escapes. However, the temptation to pin hopes on a false pretense or fallacy is worth resisting.
(all day): Wild stories are the fluff of mythmakers but important matters like health and finance need a more severe logical practice.
SUN OPPOSED JUPITER (all day): This is a good time to tap the potential of partnerships.


Uranus near Sculptor galaxy promises innovative art forms and vivid Sy-Fy in 3-D!

Next Week October 31-November 7

MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE Natural forces, convergences, and random events will ignite imagination, anger, and weather. The hardest hit are heads of state or companies, but also idealists, and egomaniacs! It's best to remain flexible and keep a sense of humor but also use a firm hand on the wheel. This is especially volatile for those born August 15-20 and February 14-19, but also May 15-20 and November 14-19.





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