Astrologically Speaking: October 31 - November 7


Mars aligns with Regulus "the Little king" heart of Leo star so Nov. 2-12 rulers get riled up!

Highlights: MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE November 2-12 Natural forces, convergences, and random events will ignite imagination, anger, and weather. The hardest hit are heads of state, community leaders, and corporate executives. Idealists and egomaniacs are also at risk! It's best to remain flexible and keep a sense of humor but also use a firm hand on the wheel. This is especially volatile for those born August 15-20 and February 14-19, but also May 15-20 and November 14-19.
(all day): Fantasies have a function in humor and other harmless escapes. However, the temptation to pin hopes on a false pretense or fallacy is worth resisting.


Neptune is aligned with Fomalhaut mouth of the mystic fish so idealists plan for paradise!

Monday, October 31

MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE (all day): Wild stories are the fluff of mythmakers. Even if health and finance matters are dramatic, they need a logical solution.SUN OPPOSED JUPITER (all day): This is a good time to tap the potential of partnerships. Reach out to new and old friends!

Tuesday, November 1

MOON SQUARE SATURN 4:15 AM EDT: Tough choices are easier with a reinterpretation of sage advice. Just add new science and popular jargon.
(all day): Love and art will benefit from a tiny bit of fantasy but too much makes quicksand.
(all day): Foggy or imprecise communications and wavering positions deserve/warrant a double check.


A composite photo of Sun this week shows high magnetic activity areas in blue: it is normal

Wednesday, November 2

MOON SQUARE JUPITER 3 AM EDT: Lucky options are available but they are obscured or disguised. Find the diamond in the rough! Go backstage, lift the veil, or dig deep!
MOON SQUARE SUN (first quarter) (all day): Fortify current projects by adding better management, extra nutrition, or other enhancers.

Thursday, Nov, 3

MOON OPPOSED MARS 8 PM EDT: Perspective on the weaknesses of leaders -and egotism in general-is informative. Relieve current burdens of power/duties by delegating responsibilities. Uphold virtuous principals in order to be safe from corruption.
(all day): Spontaneous social gatherings and creative developments are successful.
(all day): Improvisation and discussion develop ideas as well as unexpected bonuses.
11 PM EDT: Transcendental, mystical, or ritual experiences are powerful and disorienting but better than a hangover. This is not a good time for practical matters unless they need idealistic or compassionate underpinnings. It is OK for perspective generating experiences lest someone get locked into one way of seeing things.


The opbject Omega centaurus is a globular cluster with 100 million stars...almost a galaxy

MARS OPPOSED  NEPTUNE (all day): Disorder and sensitivity slow progress. Conditions are slightly dangerous in some situations. If a red flag appears proceed with caution!


Quasar 3C273's jet the size of our galaxy

Friday, November 4

MOON SQUARE MERCURY 8:00 AM EDT: Humor is purgative but too much information gluts/jams the system. Many current projects beg for feedback or background checks.


Venus shot from the mariner 10 mission

MOON SQUARE VENUS 8:30 AM EDT: Awkward feelings may be best taken in stride. A lack of pleasure or loss of perks is unfortunate but an alternative is OK.
(all day): Intuition and instincts are the best guide in/during current confusion. It is wise to keep perceptions sharp and avoid intoxicants.


Saturday, November 5

MARS OPPOSED  NEPTUNE (all day): Leaders push for military action chaos control. By contrast, the public mood is idealistic and Utopian.
MOON TRINE SUN (all day): Harmony and positive sentiment may be short lived but useful for socializing and other small joys.

Dumbell Nebula-

Dumbbell Nebula" in Centaurus shows jets emerging from the poles of the expanded star

Sunday, November 6

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS 4:15 PM EST: Innovative, futuristic ideas/projects gain support. Spontaneous meetings and surprise connections brighten outlooks.
MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE (all day): Conditions are ripe for a show of natures' powers. People with high sensitivity or psychic perception glimpse beyond the veil! Everyone has a foot in the real world and one in the shadow realm too.


Color enhanced photo of the dwarf planet Pluto

Monday, November 7

MOON SQUARE PLUTO 1:15 AM EST: Stock up on basics like commodities and life necessities to be secure and productive. Survival instincts teamed with extra charm in personal relations and workplace politics are the way to go.

MOON TRINE MERCURY 2:15 AM EST: It is easy to accomplish important communications in a short period of time. Information is available, presentations are creative, and goals are clear!

Photo ophicius has


Ophicius has a foot on the zodiac. Venus will hit this Nov. 15 so it is possible to heal via love.

MOON TRINE VENUS 2:30 AM EST: A positive outlook includes use of survival techniques, persuasion, and street smarts. Notions seem high flying but also distinctive, brilliant and beneficial.
MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE (all day): Sensitivity and potentially explosive conditions need relief or prevention. Keep a clear head and help others do the same.

November 2-12:

MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE: Continued angst, confusion,


Can you see the Centaur? Our Sun is from this star nursery.

and sensitivity through November 12th call for vigilance. Cover weak spots, avoid intoxicants, and use safety precautions. For further protection hygiene and immunity boosters will maintain good health.

November 6 End of Daylight Savings Time: Sunset comes an hour earlier and it catches everyone off guard. This inspires a bit of primal feqr of darkness with some imbalance, but it can slso bring people together for consolation! It takes about a week to adjust circadian rhythms.


The Giovanni Antonio da Varese' Constellation Fresco circa 1575

November 8-12 The Full Moon: This timeframe gives options to interact with elitist or special interest groups. Each group holds unique rewards but those who wish join or do business should prepare custom-made appeals/campaigns and apropos contributions. On the flip side, a few scary scenes on this full moon inspire a 'worst-case analysis reflex'. A good reason to study/examine tragedy is to get pointers on how to avoid it. Put another way: advance troubleshooting is something lucky people do habitually!

Photo...the Giovanni


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