Astrologically Speaking: September 19 - 26


Jupiter is transiting near M77 in Cetus

Week at a Glance

SUN OPPOSED URANUS All Week: When choosing companions and leaders, decisions bank on viable truths and science. This requires sorting through bullies, egomaniacs, and other difficult people. They are persuasive and popular but are they correct?
Expect power struggles and battles of will! The advice is for everyone to worry less about being right and more about being with the side that is right. It's better to wait for proof and not rush in due to emotional appeal.


Sun's portrait on Monday

This new moon is close to the Autumnal Equinox (and on the celestial equator), so everyone craves balance. A new moon here could bring changes with a global impact. Most people are coming to terms with revolution vs. politics. Diplomats scurry between the Futurists and the Plutocrats.

Monday, September 19


(Inset) Jets from stars among interstellar dust in Orion's constellation

MOON TRINE SATURN 2:15 PM EDT: Ambitious projects can gain experts' advice and labor. Cunning strategies will enhance chances of survival.
MOON SQUARE MERCURY  5:30 PM EDT: One hit wonders are a good start, but solid success is a better goal. This comes from the support of expanded kinship and golden loyalties.
VENUS SQUARE PLUTO All Day: Many people are consumed by inappropriate attractions. It is better to refrain from risky acts inspired by passion unless the consequences are acceptable.

Tuesday, September 20


MOON SQUARE SUN: (Last quarter) many people assess what happened during the recent full moon. This is for purposes of harvesting. Future  attitude or strategy adjustments are in order. Eliminating unusable projects is timely.


Pluto near Serpens Cauda in Ophicus where star formation is seen in different wave lengths

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE 12:30 PM EDT: A profitable set of ideas and peer interaction comes as a result of keeping up traditions. Company policy and a compelling sense of direction are other worthy guideposts.
MOON SQUARE URANUS 24:15 A complacent, conformist, company-loyal mindset benefits from a face-lift. However, there is resistance, or fear about 'the new' or the innovative.

Wednesday, September 21

MOON OPPOSED PLUTO 12:15 AM EDT: Perspective about wealth and power help aspiring outsiders and insiders alike. Estimates about what is going on in economics and politics are in demand. There are good ways to deal with the stress of success but it is challenging for the novice!


A storm on Saturn captured by the Cassini spacecraft

MOON SQUARE VENUS 5:45 M EDT: Affections are phony, empathy is lukewarm, or sensitivity is insincere. Authentic feelings and assessment of compatibility is the real goal, so it is worth cutting through the fog.
MOON TRINE SATURN 11:30 PM EDT: Authority figures provide strategic or salty advice. However, genius types want nothing of it. Hopefully both sides will create a synthesis from the best of management and talent assets!

Thursday, September 22

MARS TRINE URANUS All  Day: Innovative projects get a little muscle behind them. Big gatherings are conducive to success, especially those that promote futuristic concepts.


Friday, September 23

Stars in Sextans constellation below Leo hold a city of galaxies (circled) at the edge of the Universe. Astronomers speculate that they have joined together since this photo shows conditions 13 billion light years ago

MOON CONJUNCT MARS 2:30 AM EDT: Projects that show activity or enthusiasm benefit from goals, structure, entertainment, and variety.
MOON TRINE URANUS 2:45 AM EDT: Spontaneity and joyful discovery come easily. New friendships are born. It's ok to be nostalgic and resurrect traditions. Ironically, this package supports birth of 'the new'.


Phases of Venus: the gibbous phase is brightest

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX 5 AM EDT: The even balance of day and night hours is a pristine moment for those who seek balance! In the northern hemisphere, the calendar moves toward more darkness. At the peak of darkness--the winter solstice-- people band together for survival and socializing.
MOON SQUARE JUPITER 2:15 PM EDT: Opportunities are available but hidden. It takes a clever detective, diplomat, and athlete to find, disarm, and use obscured--but lucky- options.

Saturday, September 24

SUN OPPOSED URANUS All Day: Shocking news or defiant behavior could either bring people closer or cause a rift.
MOON OPPOSED NEPTUNE 10:45 PM EDT: Perspective and votes on leaders' status depends upon the goals of the community.


Sun transits in Virgo from September 25 till November 6


Sunday, September 25

SUN OPPOSED URANUS All Day: Surprise developments, new friendships, unusual politics, and eccentric projects are brewing. This brings people together or ironically causes rigid politeness.


A panorma of galaxies upper left: irregular; upper right: Lenticular; lower left elliptical; and  lower right: Spiral

MOON TRINE PLUTO 8:45 AM EDT: Change, transformation, or compromise is taxing but improves serviceability! The trick is: preserve intrinsic essence!
MOON TRINE JUPITER 3:45 PM EDT: New options are very encouraging. A combo of keen sense-detectors and helping hands make presentations work like magic.
PRE NEW MOON All Day: There is some tension regarding how to maintain correct trade practices and preserve fairness in commercial transactions.


Monday, September 26

SUN OPPOSED URANUS All Day: Unusual collaborations work if mutual respect and individual freedoms are preserved.
PRE NEW MOON All Day: Everyone is busy preparing for social occasions. There is some performance anxiety about participation at public rituals.



Next week: New Moon phase is September 25-29

NEW MOON @ Tuesday September 27 at 7 AM EDT: A revolution in progress is what most people are seeing whether they know it or not.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN A preview of October's program of revisiting classics is provided by this week's culture crash course. However, the traditional brings a slowdown in affections. It is wise to request a demonstration and/or testy consideration of business proposals.


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