Astrologically Speaking: September 26 - October 3


Week at a Glance New Moon phase is September 25-29

NEW MOON @ Tuesday, September 27 at 7 AM EDT: A revolution in progress is what most people are seeing whether they know it or not.

VENUS CONJUNCT SATURN A preview of October's program of revisiting classics is provided by this week's culture crash course. However, the traditional brings a slowdown in affections. It is wise to request a demonstration and/or testy consideration of business proposals.


Monday, September 26

SUN OPPOSED URANUS All Day: Unusual collaborations work if mutual respect and individual freedoms are preserved.
PRE NEW MOON: Everyone is busy preparing for social occasions. There is some performance anxiety about participation at public rituals.


Tuesday, September 27

MOON OPPOSED URANUS 4:45 AM EDT: Humorous episodes, chance meetings, and vivid personalities combine nicely. Collaborative projects unite those with contrasting talents.
MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY 5 AM EDT: Current events stimulate intellect and breed lively conversations. Speaking out about fairness and courtesy wins loyalty and affection will.
7 AM EDT: A pleasant personality paired with fair business practice wins long-term devotees. A person-to-person pledge of allegiance is the best bet.
8:30 AM EDT: Challenging the authenticity of sources is a good practice. Grounding and centering methods from many points of view a picture. The science gives a notion about potency and purity. The true value is another issue to determine and/or declare.


MERCURY OPPOSED URANUS: Spontaneous friendly gestures bring amazing results. Combined efforts and enthusiasm create a new level of inspiration and genius-level manifestations.

A map showing differences in temperature in the
universe. This is used to verify the big bang model


Saturn represents authority figures and its appearance does command respect!

Wednesday, September 28

POST NEW MOON: This phase is especially fitting for multi-talented people and well balanced projects. Value packed, correct practice paired with personal chemistry is just right!
MOON CONJUNCT VENUS 2:30 AM EDT: Scavenging and scheming is more glamorous and fun than usual. This enhanced style and gloss on survival strategies can be frozen for future use.


The Comet Elenin approaches the Sun. NASA says it will be a dim comet, but Elenin has fascinated the counter culture

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN 5:30 AM EDT: Authority figures speak out on pertinent subjects. Useful analogies and formulas for success thrive on enduring cultural precedents and scientific paradigms.
: Change is needed now. Emerging signals point to the problem. The best bet is find a way to maximize benefits but this is a time to use science, not sentiment.
: Information is tested for authenticity and potency. It is important to have many means of comparative value discovery.
: Smart people get free license to pontificate on issues. It is time to root out virtues or hidden treasures
MOON TRINE NEPTUNE 11 PM EDT: Those who hunt the bounty and gather the harvest provide much to their community. This is a time-tested manner of gaining enrichment and status, benefiting both citizens and providers.


Thursday September 29

Mars will transit below the Beehive cluster signaling important conferences, meetings and celebrations. Cooperation is key just like in actual beehives!

MOON SQUARE MARS 10:15 AM EDT: Conflicts or challenges about what is truly virtuous take place. Decisions are determined partly by consensus. Other factors are icons of past glories and enduring words of scholars and saints.
MOON OPPOSED JUPITER 10:15 AM EDT: Team-building is a major theme of this new moon phase! The winning formula is: talent -scouting, indoctrination, and assignment-supervision. The rewards are new collaborators!
All Day: Authority figures are more appealing. They enlist arts as well as science to hit home the point.


Friday, September 30

It's not too soon to be thinking about how to mine valuable minerals on the Moon! Here(right) is a map of mineral deposits for those who want to get started!

POST NEW MOON: Many feel tension about current social and commercial endeavors. The solutions are: show good will to others and keep a clear conscience!
10:15 PM EDT: Powerful alliances hold the key of life for many people. However, contributing to the well being of a larger community is also important.

Saturday, October 1

MOON TRINE URANUS 4:30 AM EDT: Ambitious people find an outlet via high flying projects. Strategists rush to help inventors and humanitarians carry futuristic plans to fruition.
MOON TRINE MARS 2:30 PM EDT: Meetings spawn teams that develop spectacular strategies. Everyone agrees that sacrifices are necessary. Martyrdom is not recommended!
To make an enterprise flower, blood, sweat, and tears can be expected.


Sunday, October 2

The cats' eye nebula shows outflow at the poles of the hyper-expanded star

MARS SQUARE JUPITER:Explorations come with no promise of an easy life, yet they are a thrill and an inspiration!




Next week October 3-10

Monday, October 3

The Roman goddess Fortuna is blindfolded spinning her wheel. At the top the king, clergy, and nobleman reign supreme. At the bottom are black-robed contenders, one of whom is losing his crown. The wheel is ever spinning so everyone gets another chance... so it is this week and next!

MOON SQUARE URANUS 8:15 AM EDT: Nervous fright can change to humor. Brainstorming is successful when popular sources are tapped.

MARS SQUARE JUPITER: Enterprising ideas stir the imagination but manifesting them requires retooling.

Till October 13 WAXING MOON: an excellent opportunity to develop new projects, especially those related to culture and science.

Till October 7 MARS SQUARE JUPITER: Are you on or off the wheel of good fortune? It takes effort to stay on the wheel.


October 9-17 SUN CONJUNCT SATURN: Authority figures grant consultations on current projects. Even if you have to adjust to get on their wave length, an official meeting is a good idea.

The Next Full Moon phase is October 10-14. This will herald the month's climax.

The Full moon is near Sirrah Alpheretz Pegasus' navel perched on the head of Andromeda the princess. Though she is chained to a rock her mind is free to imagine the flying horse and so are we!



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