3 Quick Minutes, with… Brad Meyers


Guitar and Vocals for Tell Your Friends


<em><em>Brad Meyers while performing with Tell Your Friends in Wicker Park's Subterranean. (Photo by Xaq Mayfield)</em></em>


We are standing outside Wicker Park's Subterranean on North Ave., fifteen minutes before his band Tell Your Friends takes the stage.

"After a show, I'd rather have one person I've never met say 'I like what you guys did. Good set,' than have twenty people I know come up and say, 'You guys sounded great.' Just getting our music out there, and seeing what kind of feedback we get from the rest of the world."


We had a loft space in the first apartment Dan and I lived in. We put our music equipment up there and just started jamming, and jamming turned into a band. We started taking every show we could just to get out and play. Now we turn down shows. And we don't play on any bill. It used to be, we'd play with metal bands, or emo core bands, bands that didn't have the same aesthetic as us. We'd be sandwiched between four bands that didn't sound anything like us. Now we're at the point where we're tight, we can get up there and do our thing, and play venues we wanna play at, with bands aligned to our style.

People ask, you know, "What do you sound like?" And I will tell people what other people have told me what we sound like. We don't try to ascribe to any particular style. Our newer music doesn't go with the, you know, verse-chorus-verse-chorus. Each song is - I don't want to say "journey," because that's kind of clichÈ and stupid sounding - but each song, there's no part that repeats. There's a lot of quick dynamic changes, something totally different than where the song started.

What have people said that you sound like?

We get Modest Mouse a lot. Pavement. And Talking Heads. Probably the three I hear the most. And those are all bands I love, don't get me wrong. To be likened to bands that you think are great... If someone said we sounded like Britney Spears, I probably wouldn't be too happy about that. But for someone to tell me I sound like a band I've seen ten times in concert and like most of what they do, that's a great compliment.

Regardless of how this all ends up, whether you guys are on the cover of Rolling Stone next week or you never play another show, what do you think you'll remember most from gigging around the city?

Just playing with my friends. One of the things that's made us last - although we have switched bass players - everybody knew each other prior. Everyone gets along, and there's not as much of an ego conflict when these are people you know, and you're friends. It's basically another opportunity to be with close friends, doing something we all love.


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