3 Quick Minutes: with… Kal from Rubblebucket



I conducted a Skype interview with Kalmia Traver, lead singer and saxophone player for Rubblebucket, while the band drove I-80 from their hometown of Brooklyn to a gig in Cleveland. Here, Traver discusses the band's January 15 show at Double Door, her love of Wicker Park, and what Rubblebucket delivers to music fans.



We played Chicago three or four times. Three times. This will be our fourth.

I'm really excited we're playing at the Double Door, because I played there a few years ago with this other band John Brown's Body, and we got to walk around. That neighborhood is so cool. I love all the thrift shops, and good record stores, and really good places to eat. That's the one part of Chicago I've really explored, besides just driving around going places.

We haven't been to Chicago in more than a year. So yeah, I'm really excited. The last show we played had a lot of great energy. That was at the Abbey Pub. And we played with the Heiruspecs. It was just like a really awesome show. I'm excited.

I think there's a certain freedom and free-wheelingness that we've all got on the stage. We've developed our sound for a few years now in a pretty much purely live setting. So we've all got the fire and spontaneity that comes with that, and I think you can really hear it in our music. Especially now, after all this time. We've been able to balance the grid and the freedom really well. And I'm proud of that. We're going for that, and I think that also can be really disarming to people. It allows them to feel really immersed in the music, but to be safe at the same time.

For information about Rubblebucket and their Double Door gig on Damen Ave. Sat. Jan. 15. check out their website.



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