A Delorean takes up residence on Milwaukee Avenue


Car in a box is delivered on Milwaukee Ave.

A 1981 Delorean takes up residence in what is to be Wormhole Coffee at 1462 N. Milwaukee Ave.   Travis Schaffner, owner, and his project chief James Tillapaugh have a joint vision that this will be the best coffee bar in Chicago...possibly the country.

Baristas are to be worshipped and the 1980s environs are to transport all aboard  back to the future.  The coffee is to be superb and the pastries and sandwiches will be the most wonderful available from local sources.  "We want to have a theme, not just because we like it and geek out over it, but because it is unique and fun," explains Tillapaugh. 


Largest part of Delorian frame goes thru the window opening.

Taking out a plate glass window and hauling in a Delorean, does make it appear that they are accomplishing the unique and fun goals.  Expectations are that the build out will be complete for inspections by around Apr. 20 with a hoped for opening a few weeks thereafter in early May. 

Boxed in a low profile trailer, the shell of the prized Delorean car was transported from Crystal Lake where Dave Swingle's  Delorean Motor Company Midwest repairs and restores these 1980s treasures.  "When people purchased these cars during the 1981 to 1982 manufacturing period, many of these cars were driven very little then placed in storage.  So, it is not unusual for us to receive a car for some type of maintenance with very little mileage on them," Swingle explains. 


Pleased with their accomplishment, James Tillapaugh (left) and Travis Schaffner pose in front of the assembled Delorean.

Schaffner is a former technology company owner who when asked about previous experience in the food industry said, "We had a bar in Cedar Rapids, but beyond that, no."

A former engineer with Motorola, Swingle, his wife and a mechanic make up their entrepreneurial adventure.  There are four such businesses in the United States and one in Amsterdam that serves continental Europe.


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