WPB SSA #33 requests support for reconstitution


The Wicker Park/Bucktown Special Service Area #33 submitted their reconstitution application to the City on June 13 and are asking for support from those in the defined district.

Part of the process to be renewed is obtaining support from at least 20% of the property pin number holders or their agents. This link is where people may fill in a support form. Click "Next" to get to the form.

There are approximately 3,400 pin numbers on the district streets thus approximately 680 signatures are required. At the time the application was submitted, 5% of the required number were received, according to Jessica Wobbekind, SSA Program Manager.

Though the original application proposal included pins along Cortland Ave., those pins were dropped. The only additional pins in the district are those that were in the district, but, for whatever reason, were not in the district. (They are shown in red on the map above.)

While the current SSA continues through December 31, 2015, the approval of the reconstitution would start on January 1, 2015, and end with the close of 2029.

Recent receipt of the EAV (equalized assessed value) for the district has gone down to $948,575 from the estimated $1,112,000. Thus next year's budget will be approximately $978,575, which includes an estimated carry over. That is down from this year's $1,118,899.

The Board of Commissioners may number 12 and currently number 8. With the reconstitution all those interested in serving must submit their applications. Six of the current commissioners are planning to renew. Those not renewing are Sam Marts and John Paige. Paige is the only commissioner who is a resident in the SSA district.

Volunteers who serve must be owners or lessees of property in the district.



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