My Titleist Performance Institute Experience


Are you in the process of getting your body ready for the six month Chicago golf season?  After watching the Masters, you know you need to improve that couch potato body!

During the last week of February I began my Titleist Performance Institute personalized pre-season exercise regime.  My journey began with that coupon that came in my mail, as a member of the Our Urban Times news area - Bucktown, East Village, Noble Square, Ukrainian Village, West Town, and Wicker Park.

The coupon read "free golf performance physical analysis" by Titleist certified Dr. Greg Hoffman at River North Chiropractic.  Being only ten minutes away, I made the appointment. As he ran me through a battery of physical postures, evaluating my ability to balance, swinging range of motion, flexibility and strength, Dr. Hoffman mentioned that his friend, a golf exercise professional, had introduced him to the Titleist Performance Institute.

He even promised to improve any weak areas of my swing.  Impressed by his physical fitness vocabulary, I was convinced to give the Titleist company my time.  The next day I began my personal eighteen-session computerized work-out, three sessions each week for the next six weeks.

To exercise, one goes to the TPI website and enters a private password for his individualized routine.  This two-hour routine consisted of twenty-one exercises with time on my exercycle to warm-up and to improve my cardio-vascular system.

To keep one motivated, the computerized exercises changed every few days.  The program used current scientific information by requiring me to cycle two sets of five minutes each, alternating thirty seconds at a moderate rate with thirty seconds at a slower rate.  Progressively the following week, I was directed to cycle at a moderate rate, alternating with a high rate.

Many recent research studies demonstrate that there is more progress if one alternates speeds.  My personalized routine centered on my physical shortcomings, so it was strenuous, especially the arm exercises.  Luckily I had my laptop near my exercise space, since I had to constantly refer to the computer to watch and read the directions for my next assigned exercise.

There were negatives: Twenty-one exercises to read were too many.  Though, not having to drive anywhere, finding two hours to exercise was difficult.  Steamboats and bird dog hip extensions were non-motivating exercise names.  Although, all supplies could be purchased from the Titleist website, in place of the large exercise ball, I substituted a computer chair, and replaced exercise bands for the FMT belt.

Did the individual exercise plan improve my golf skills?  Somewhat is my present answer.  My balance, range of motion and flexibility are very good.  Increased strength for those long drives remains a goal.  Many of the exercises were the same or similar to those in the Jobe and Moynes book, 30 Exercises for Better Golf (see my last column).

Dr. Hoffman is the closest Titleist certified evaluator to our neighborhoods; the Titleist website lists 6 other TPI certified trainers on the north side of Chicago.  The River North area had street parking with those unfriendly parking meters and validation at a nearby lot. Located in an old warehouse, the Mike George gym was spacious, clean and very modern. or truly is an amazing website for golfers.  There are current articles on fitness, health, and the mechanics of the golf swing.  There are video tips from the pros and equipment reviews with product information. Daily, exercise videos are displayed, but only a few free.  Enrollment in the TPI program is the goal.

Returning for another season of ten shows, "Golf Fitness Academy" presented by Titleist the Golf Channel began Monday April 19 at 5:30 p.m. on the Golf Channel. On the Titleist website is the listing of the 2008 and 2007 past Golf Channel episodes. Now there is no excuse not to get that body in shape for better golf this May.

Dr. Gregg Hofman, D.C. CSCS, Titleist CGFI is at 401 West Ontario inside the Mike George Fitness Systems, call 312.943.3484 or go to their website.



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