A hotel and a 32-studio building: Topics for Wednesday 2nd Ward community meeting


Current view looking from Ashland east, with the Shell station at the corner of North Ave.

A hotel proposal to replace the Shell gas station at 1551 W. North Ave, North Ave. and Ashland, and a 32-studio development at 1665 N. Milwaukee will be presented to the community at a meeting scheduled for Wed., Aug. 17, from 6 to 8 p.m., in First Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1649 W. Le Moyne St., by 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins. 

It was about a year ago that George Nediyakalayil, owner of the gas station, proposed a seven-story, 99-unit hotel with 39 parking spaces in 62,842 square feet.

According to Christian Ficara, 2nd Ward Office, the Wednesday presentation is expected to be an altered, amended plan. 


Currently 1665 N. Milwaukee is a vacant lot

1665-67 N. Milwaukee Project
Two years ago, this parcel was approved as a B3-3. The Wicker Park Committee's (WPC) Preservation and Development Committee (P&D) for eight residential units with parking along with the addition of a partial 4th floor.  

As explained by Ed Tamminga, Chair of the WPC P&D Committee, "The rezoning was inconsideration of saving an existing building. The building subsequently deteriorated and the City required it be demolished." 


Rendering of the 32-studio building

Those plans were Type I, meaning that it was frozen as B3-3 zoning unless plans were resubmitted. Thus the new proposal will require a new zoning change. 

On Wednesday, the proposal is to be for a five-story Transit Oriented Residential Business Planned Development committed to providing auto-free living, according to the Alderman's office. 

It is to have commercial use on the ground floor with a total of 32 studio dwelling units. Additionally, the project will include accessory parking for one accessible parking stall and two Zip Cars accessed from the rear public alley. It is designed by LG Development and Construction.



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