Command changes in the 12th and 14th Chicago Police Department Districts


Commander Stephen Chung

A rolling list of changes are occurring in both the Chicago Police Department's (CPD) 12th and 14th Districts. 

The changes include a CPD 16-plus-year veteran. Stephen Chung, 12th District Commander, was promoted to newly structured Area 3 as Commander/Executive Officer. He headed the 12th since November 2016. 


Chicago Police Departments' Five Area Boundaries

In December 2019, CPD announced the addition of two new detective areas to open in 2020. That restructuring returned the 2013 three-area structure to a five-area structure.

The change is an effort to streamline operations across the police department and give district commanders better access to the resources they need. The added perk is that it increases collaboration between detectives and patrol officers, hopefully increasing murder clearance rates. 


Commander Fabian Saldana

Area 3 includes Districts 1, 12, 18, 19, 20 and 24. Note that the 14th Police District is part of Area 5, where former 14th District Commander Fabian Saldana was recently named Executive Officer. 

Chung's top cop position in the 12th is going to Commander Gabriella Shemash. 




Commander Melvin Roman 


In the 14th, Commander Melvin Roman is transitioning over to the Crime Prevention and Information Center. Former Commander Saldana will be doing double duty as he takes on the 14th's commander ship until a new commander is announced. 

"I have been extremely blessed to have worked in such a great district with great officers and community alike. I worked with a great group of leaders and together I believe we built a great family of Officers who genuinely love the 014 District community. They love engaging in community interaction and I’ve been privileged to sit back and watch," says Roman.

"The opportunities that have been given to me in exploring this new assignment is a direct result of the hard work being done by the Officers of the 14th District. They are responsible for my success and I will be forever grateful to them. We had a family and I will always cherish my time there."     

The 14th's former second in command Captain Joseph Brennan was recently promoted to Commander of the 24th District. 


Commander Joseph Brennan

"It's bittersweet to leave a great place like 014 since it has a lot of great memories and officers that I've worked with throughout my career. The 014th will always be a home for me and I will always continue to stay in touch and support the officers there, says Brennan.

"I'm looking forward to the challenge of working in the 024th district and all the diverse cultures that are here. I'm truly honored to have the opportunity to have a Command in the Chicago Police Department and will do my best to work hard with the community, officers and everyone that makes up this great City. "


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