Traditional Pisanki egg decorating lecture and workshop part of pre-Easter activities in Polish Museum


The unique art of Pisanki egg decorating has been around for centuries: a deep, rich, folk tradition that was passed down through many generations of Europeans.  This tradition has also spanned different religious and ethnic backgrounds that predate Christianity, and has evolved over time to represent the rebirth of nature and the arrival of spring.  Arnie Klein hopes to keep this tradition alive for many generations to come, and is bringing his talent and passion for egg decorating to the Polish Museum for a lecture and workshop. 


The term "Pisanki" often refers to all decorated eggs but it is traditionally a decorating batik method using hot wax and baths of dye. Klein, a well established artist of Polish decent, uses the wax resist/batik method.  He uses a kristka, a type of writing stylus, to apply hot beeswax to the egg and then dips the egg in dye for coloring. These decorating techniques are reflective of Polish and Ukrainian styles, which are very similar, and involve complex colors, patterns and styles of decorating.  His lecture hopes to bring a greater understanding of not only the history, but the time and dedication taken to care for and decorate these eggs. 


Since developing his craft, Klein has been labeled a "Folk Artist" by numerous institutions, museums and associations.  He has also given lectures and presentations on Ritualistic Egg Decorating, Embroidery, Textile Traditions and other folk life topics.  Additionally, he has been a part of numerous folk culture festivals, including Michigan's "Who's Story," and the Smithsonian Institute's "Festival of American Folk Life." 

The Easter Egg Decorating Lecture will take place at the Polish Museum of America, located at 984 N. Milwaukee Ave. and will start at 7 p.m.  Admission is $5.00 per person.   

Also part of the Museum's Easter celebrations are a series of workshops on Sat. Mar. 20. The Pisanki egg decorating workshop will run from 10 a.m. to noon. Participants will learn the art of egg decorating in the Polish batik style. In the Palm Weaving Workshop from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. participants can learn how to weave a palm into various designs such as crosses, a crown of thorns, roses or grapes. 

Kids from ages 3 to 8yrs. can decorate a cookie at a Cookie Decorating Session, and also Build-A-Sandwich for lunch, (with their parents permission of course!) sponsored by Kasia's Deli. 

All events will take place at the Polish Museum of America located at 984 N. Milwaukee Ave.  Admissions are: $15 for the Pisanki Workshop, $10 for the Palm Weaving Workshop, $5 for the Easter Cookie Decorating Session, and $6 for the Kasia Deli Build-A-Sandwich.



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