5-11 alarm fire source of pungent outdoor odor


Chicago Fire Department battles massive fire in the 2600 block of west Nelson (Rockwell and Nelson, north of Elston) in an empty warehouse. Odor blankets area and drifts southeast.

Sometime before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, a four-story brick building erupted in flames consuming the top three floors. The collapse of the north wall and some floors shook but did not down power lines, according to the Chicago Tribune. Source of the fire is unknown.

Beyond the fire equipment sent in response to a standard call more personnel and equipment with each additional alarm. This 5-11 sent out at least 200 firefighters and paramedics for a building that is 400 by 400 feet.

Latest news from NBC News is that HAZMAT has been sent to the site. ABC News reported that there was some art space in the building. The first check for people in the structure by the Fire Department, found no one. However, they will do a second check when physically possible.

Streets including Elston are blocked around the area which has frame homes interspersed with commercial buildings.



Went over there with city

Went over there with city officials- pretty bad fire, tons of equipment being called on.

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