Open fire hydrants may feel and look cool but are dangerous


Open fire hydrant at Leavitt and LeMoyne

While the feather-like spray of water glistening in the light cool and the water feels cool as the temperatures climb into the 90s with high humidity, open fire hydrants are dangerous. Street conditions, property damage and safety can all be impacted by an open hydrant.

Streets can become slippery and visibility of drivers can be impaired, while basements can be flooded.  Open hydrants reduce the water pressure and can render fire hoses useless. Furthermore, open hydrants waste a precious resource. Nearly 34,000 gallons are lost per hour per hydrant and that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you see an open hydrant, call 311 and report it. If the heat is unbearable go to a City Cooling Center listed on the Chicago site. Your local Chicago Public Library (CPL) can also be a haven from the heat. Locate your library and check for their hours at the CPL site.




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