A coffee lover's comment from California

Maybe you are such coffee addict as I. Yes, I can’t imagine that I couldn’t get my cups of finest coffee each day. I usually need 8-12 cups per day. Drinking of the finest coffee gives me a lot of pleasure, for sure. However, there is another key thing which gives me such stunning feeling when I am drinking a cup of my coffee each time. Yes, you are right. A lot depends on a cup which you are using for your coffee.

Beautiful coffee sets are my loving passion, and I am a collector of these sets. I was interested in some truly exquisite coffee set for pretty long time.

I was searching for such set on the Net a lot. And I was lucky to find a wonderful coffee set I was dreaming about. This delightful coffee set in the secession style contains totally fascinating mocca cups, exquisite coffee mugs and phenomenal sugar bowl and the coffee pot.

Believe me, I never had such delightful feeling when I am using this coffee set for my coffee every day. I found the company named WEXONMART which is selling this delicate coffee set in their on-line store.

So, if you are such coffee addict as I do then this fascinating coffee set in the wonderful secession style will get such gorgeous feeling when your will be drinking your coffee every day.

Regards to all coffee lovers,

Santa Barbara, CA


Thank you for your email Graig Langridge from California. We are delighted that people continue to read older as well as the latest stories. (Graig commented on Jack Silverstein's article about the Worm Hole Coffee shop which ran in June 2010.)

Having been writing about the WestTown plus area in Chicago since the Spring of 2009 as the Wicker Park and Bucktown Examiner and then with Our Urban Times which launched in December 2009, it never fails to amaze me how we reach people all around the world! (Last year, we had visitors from 113 countries and territories and since Feb. 1 this year, it has been 85!)

While California is not the other side of the planet, we are delighted to have people comment about any (well almost!) topic, idea, event or life in general.

So click that CONTACT link at the upper right corner of the site and let us know what is on your mind or add a comment to a specific story and do please send links to our stories to all you think should be in the know!


Removing the Chess table

So we have fund-raisers for the doggie park in Wicker Park. It smells great around there on a hot, wet summer day. Meanwhile the seats where the poor and old people seat on the other side are being removed because they are drug peddlers and are a danger to the rich people who want to kick them out. Of course no one's going to complain about the nice suburbanite young drunks who visit on week-ends and urinate all over the damn place and tag the walls and make racial slurs to people of color who walk by. Of course the removal of the seats is not a racist and classist move on the Friends of Wicker Park and all the other so called community groups who see themselves all for diversity as long as they don't live right next to them. Call a spade a spade and stop being such hipocrites and and let the park go to the dogs. You win.

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