Frustrated 27th Ward resident demands resolution to inadequate City services


Please take the time to walk down the alley between Bishop and Greenview and you will see firsthand it looks like a war zone.

The residents who live on Fry Street and Chicago Avenue are tired of no action being taken to repair the endless pot holes. This is a high traffic alley and the pot holes have increased in number and size significantly over the past 5 years.

I have inquired about the plan for repair at least 3X in your office and heard lame excuses every time. If the city doesn't have money to tar the alley then come up with the money out of your own budget.

We pay enough in property taxes for this to be fixed. After that is resolved please fine people who leave sofas and furniture and other big pieces of furniture that often blocks the alley.

In addition, we need an alderman who can put a system in place to control the drunks who pick through our garbage and leave garbage on the ground, adding to our already severe rat problem. We are all tired of you ignoring the alley when other aldermans are helping make their neighborhoods pristine.

Mary Beth


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