What are Family Values?


"What are family values," asks a reader regarding the Fox Motors story.

Good question Raymond, thank you for asking.

In general, if you start with "values," they are considered to be the core, some say "sacred core" convictions/beliefs that employees have about how they must behave in fulfilling the employer's mission. No matter how that is phrased it points to striving for excellence...doing the best job you can.

Though "job" is used in these definitions, the behaviors discussed are referred by many when talking about public servants, their neighbors and people in their own family, to name a few.

Ford Motor Company's Dave Kelleher spoke to "family values" by describing what it is like to work with Fox Motors people as did Alderman Scott Waguespack and others. But Fox has clearly stated their corporate values and they are listed below.

After you read them, it would be great to hear what YOU think.

There are 5 values that Fox lists. They are respect, honesty, excellence, teamwork and enthusiasm.

Respect - We show consideration, appreciation and respect for the individual when we are interacting with our customers, fellow employees and the people in our community.

Honesty - The reputation we have developed by showing our customers, fellow team members and the people in our community that we are genuine, real, credible and free of deception. We value employee commitment and dedication to the organization's commitment.

Excellence - We strive to provide more than what is expected by our customers, staff and the community. We take pride in doing the job right. Our appearance, speech and actions demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Teamwork - Teamwork can have many meanings. To work together with fellow staff as a department, a dealership and a dealer group by demonstrating cooperation and the willingness to achieve a common goal which is to ensure our customers have a remarkable experience.

Enthusiasm - We have the energy and a passion to come to work each day and provide our customers with the best service and strive to make their experience with us a remarkable one. What could be better than coming to work each day wanting to be there and making a difference in other people’s lives? Customers, co-workers, all those around you – enthusiasm is contagious. Bring it with you to work! We want you to find enjoyment and pleasure in the place you work and the job you do.


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