Dangers and delights of collecting and giving


Weird things can happen when you declare that you're a collector of some thing…like bears...teddy or not. 


Reindeer or moose?

For example... It turns out that those, who want to please you, give gifts in the form of your collected treasures. As a bear collector, I found, occasionally, that they apparently feel that a bear is barely enough.

They want to...ummm...enhance it. 

In a couple of instances, the bear is disguised. One has a hat topped with antlers making it look like a reindeer…or is it a moose? (You decide.)

It was a heartfelt gift and appreciated, regardless of species. 


Lady Bear Bug

The correlation of a small lady bug to a large bear does escape me. But, it is cute…I laugh when I look at her. 


This little piggy...

When the gift, without question, was a pig…well let's just say that was more about the giver (spelled o-i-n-k-e-r).  

Nonetheless, it does have its charm and I just can't dispose of it.


With movable arms and legs, this little guy is charming

Some bears have been the bearer of a gift, like jewelry. One was the gift, bearing an apology.

I was totally impressed when after a reservation mix up, the Residence Inn in Redmond, WA, placed a very sweet looking bear on my bed with a note that said…"We can't 'bear' to make you unhappy." Awe…couldn't wait to go back there! 

To me, I love all my bears (the pig too...sort of) and, unlike the Tribune's Rick Kogan, I know where all of them are...at all times! 

As a gift giver, I have often given a bear, particularly when someone is going through a struggling and/or healing period in their life. It always seems to evoke some joy.

Going into bear lore...many Native American tribes have different stories and legends about the large creatures with whom they shared their lands. To them they are a medicine being with impressive magical powers. They are part of religious ceremonies. They are symbols of strength and wisdom. 


Zuni Bear

Loving Zuni fetishes, I will admit to clutching a mother of pearl carved bear, with turquoise eyes, as I took computer technology tests! No doubt, that is how I was able to get my certifications! 

Then of course, as a north side Chicagoan, there are the beloved Bears and Cubs! Makes no difference if they win or lose…they are ours! We love them!

Despite any possible weird experience resulting from collecting....bears, giraffes, kitties, whatever...I suggest hugging them from time to time...at home or on the road.

The reason? It just feels good…and can cause a state of smiling...that is a good thing!



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