New Year Opportunity: Your 2016 rebirth

Chris Martin

Welcoming the new year is an annual rebirth opportunity for everyone. It is a time when hope and creativity flourish. To me, the advent of 2016 means a natural time for reflection, reevaluation and resolution. 

Reflection is dedicated time to look back on the happenings of the year. If done right, it can be a genuine practice to examine your 365 day journey. 

I like to start by looking at my goals for the prior year and assessing my success. Which ones did I meet? Where did I fall short? This serves as a reminder for where I started the year and where I placed my energy. 

As the year progressed, I reconfigured some goals to better suit me and where my journey was headed. There were a few goals that got taken off the list all together. 

Examination of my goals for the prior year leads me to evaluate the quality and importance of the relationships in my life. 

Some have grown stronger, some have thinned. New friendships have been made and old ones lost. For the relationships that are always there, I assess how I did over the year. 

How was I as a husband? A son? A brother? What did I excel in, and where do I need to improve next year? Taking the time to reflect on the relationships gained and lost over the year paints a clearer picture of who I am today. If you can measure a person by the company they keep, how do I measure up? 

After careful reflection on the year, I can more accurately reevaluate how I spent it. For the goals that I achieved, I always ask “is there a next step?” I met the goal, but now what? 

For the goals that were not met, do I want to try them again this year? Maybe they were not met because they served no purpose to me. Or, maybe I need to recommit myself and try again. This is also true with relationships. 

Which ones do I hold dear to me that I want to continue to foster and which relationships are no longer serving me and need less attention? If we spend our energy on relationships that do not build us up, we will not move forward. 

Reflection and reevaluation finally lead to resolution. 

Once I am clear on how the year was spent, I am able to move forward and set goals for the new year. This part is the most exciting, because it is the benchmark on which the year will be measured. Run another marathon? Travel to Europe? Volunteer regularly? 

The thing is, there is no limit on what my goals can be. There is nothing I cannot achieve, as long as I make it a goal and put my energy towards it. 

My resolutions for the year are still in the making. My deadline is always the seventh of January, in order to give myself time to contemplate and create authentic goals (and it’s my birthday). 

What I do know about my goals is that they will focus on moving forward in my professional, personal and family life. I am propelled forward with the hope and creativity of the new year based on my reflection, reevaluation and resolution. 

With my goals in hand, only time will tell what 2016 will hold for me. I do know it will involve more writing and adventures. What about you?




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