Gold Coast multi car crashes appears to have 1st Ward connections


Shot by CBS Chicago, this was one of approximately eight cars damaged along Astor St.

Sounds of screeching metal on metal heard by Gold Coast residents from about 1500 N. Astor St. down to Division St. (1200 N) before an Audi hit a fence and tree at approximately 9:21 p.m. Sun., Dec. 27, was caused by a 48 year-old driver. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) say this was alcohol related and charges are pending. 

The driver was taken from the scene to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in good condition. 


Captured by ABC Chicago camera, this shows impact site for rampaging vehicle

While CPD has not released the name of the driver, CWBChicago reports the vehicle is registered to former 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno. 

A felony case against Moreno dating back to early 2019 when he falsely reported his car stolen and an insurance fraud case for allegedly trying to be paid for his "stolen" car, are still in the court systems. Moreno has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

While many 1st Ward residents continually say they miss the efficiency of his well run 1st Ward Office, they voted him out of office because of a list of his behaviors and actions beyond his car related issues. 

Two well remembered situations were in the 2014-15 aldermanic race and an entertainment site battle in 2017. 

In the 2014-15 race, an opposing candidate to the 1st Ward Aldermanic race, Ronda Locke filed a formal complaint with the then Legislative Inspector General (LIG), Faisal Kahn. The issue was attempted intimidation. 

Moreno's actions regarding the then popular Double Door music venue at 1572 N. Milwaukee Ave. hit the headlines when Dave Savini, CBS Chicago, interviewed him about his attempts to intimidate the building owner, Bill Strauss, into renewing the Double Doors lease. Moreno's intimidation attempt went live.

Sources: ABC Chicago and CBS Chicago



Yikes - I'm glad he didn't

Yikes - I'm glad he didn't kill anyone with his decision to drive drunk.

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