Rick Kogan

Rick Kogan is a Chicagoan to the bone. Since infancy he has rubbed shoulders with some of Chicago's greatest and infamous people, in every walk of life. As an adult, he has written about them. 

A senior writer and columnist for the Chicago Tribune, he also hosts the WGN radio show "After Hours with Rick Kogan.”

Kogan has worked for the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times and is the author of a long list of books. The books include: Everybody Pays: Two Men, One Murder and the Price of Truth (with Maurice Possley), America's Mom: The Life, Lessons and Legacy of Ann Landers, A Chicago Tavern, the history of the Billy Goat, and Sidewalks I and Sidewalks II, collections of his columns and the work of photographer Charles Osgood.

Stories from Rick Kogan

Behold, and hold, the simple teddy bear, a toy with Chicago ties

Rick Kogan

So, where is my teddy bear? 

It's been a while. Is he tucked into a drawer some place? Or in one of the astonishing number of boxes I have in various storage facilities all over town,