Sierra L. Campbell

An English major from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Sierra Campbell is Our Urban Times's first intern.  She will be doing many of the tasks needed in planning, creating and producing content then delivering it to your computer.

Stories from Sierra L. Campbell

Local coffee shop offers message of sustainability within a comfy atmosphere


When you go out for a cup of joe...what matters most to you?  Is it quality or convenience?  While it may seem easy for urban commuters to grab and go at a Starbucks, sometimes you want to go to a place where you can sit down and have a conversation and not feel pressed for time.

Pisanki: An age-old tradition of egg decoration


The art of egg decoration has been passed down through many European ethnicities, like Croatian, Polish, and Ukrainian.  These cultures, over time, have created many variations on egg decorating.  It is a time consuming process that requires practicing with steady hands to draw various symbols on the eggs.  These designs also represent seasonal changes, a new rebirth, and Christianity. 

The Polish Museum of America hosts David Laskin March 26th for new book


During the years of 1914-1918, the devastating conflict of World War I occurred which scarred soldiers, families and millions more.  It turned the United States into a central power and created many changes that still afflict us today. The recent passing of the last living soldier of this war also brings to mind the reality that this conflict still affects many of the children and grandchildren of those who were a part of that war.

Pritzker School's History Fair has 100 entries


Learning about Chicago history in school is just as important as learning about it in the real world.  The application of knowledge from the classroom to the real world represents the kind of learning that needs to be achieved throughout a young student's academic career.   


Traditional Pisanki egg decorating lecture and workshop part of pre-Easter activities in Polish Museum


The unique art of Pisanki egg decorating has been around for centuries: a deep, rich, folk tradition that was passed down through many generations of Europeans.  This tradition has also spanned different religious and ethnic backgrounds that predate Christianity, and has evolved over time to represent the rebirth of nature and the arrival of spring.  Arnie Klein hopes to keep this tradition alive for many generations to come, and is bringing his talent and passion for egg d


The "Wiz" opens at Pritzker School on Thursday



Imagine the Wizard of Oz set in Chicago in the 1970's, the razzy jazzy feeling rumbling through the streets, munchkins dressed as little gangsters, and Dorothy, a lone African-American woman trying to hold onto that one wish of trying to get home. 


Our Urban Times is now on Twitter!


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Wicker Park bus riders experiencing an easier commute


With all of the hoopla surrounding the recent CTA cuts, most Wicker Park riders are experiencing a fairly new and helpful electronic way of making their commuting easier, the CTA Bus Tracker.

Tree House Humane Society

Tree House Front

Many cats brought to shelters are cold, hungry and in need of desperate help.  The sad reality is that most cats are euthanized for no reason if the shelter cannot find a home for it.  On the other hand, Tree House Humane Society which has two locations, one on Ashland Ave., 773.227.5535, and the other in Uptown, 773.784.5488,


Free spay/neuter surgeries during month at Tree House


Free surgeries are available to pet owners throughout the month of February by the Tree House Humane Society at the BDVM Mac Lean Spay/Neuter clinic located at 1629 N. Ashland.


Mushrooms: A healthy choice


Did you know that mushrooms are a healthy choice for antioxidants and nutrients that can help prevent certain types of cancers?

They may not look tasty to the eye, but mushrooms can be a tasty addition to vegetable or meat dishes and sauces or as a great side dish for any type of meal.  Plus, you can buy them at any farmers' market.