Money, headaches, Culture Plan, music, signs and lots to do

Happenings beginning July 27

Many choices for you event goers this weekend and week.

Whatever you do...stay hydrated!

Let us know about events and news you know about and remember you can post community events in the calendar. Register under the "Event Calendar" red bar on the right, or log in if you are already registered. Then add an event.

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Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 Draft final discussion on July 31

From a series of town hall meetings, which included one in Wicker Park's A. N. Pritzker School, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) created two documents as a draft of Chicago's Cultural Plan 2012. These findings in the documents are being discussed in four public meetings.

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Alderman Waguespack stepped up to help City and residents

With rain slashing at windows on all four sides of the building and tree branches flailing in every direction, it was no wonder that there was a great deal of damage from the Monday storm.

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Water can prevent, diminish or alleviate a headache and lots more

While the amount of water in the human body varies person to person and changes based on age and weight, water is vital to each of us. Water consumption can, among other things, prevent, diminish or alleviate your headache; help you regulate your weight; help you

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Over flowing audience at the Polish Museum of America for a mid-summer night's dream

In celebration of their 75th Anniversary, the Polish Museum of America (PMA) created an enchanting "Mid-summer Night's Dream," on July 21. Featured were soprano, who sang to an audience which overflowed the large third floor hall.

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Be sure to question your parking tickets

This parking sign appears at the corner of Damen and Pierce. How would you interpret what it is really saying? In fact, however, the ticket I received was for parking in a permitted zone without a permit.

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For Sale signs in the public way are illegal

Posting real estate signs in the public way, such as parkways, is illegal and "offenders" can be fined.

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Community Police Alert -- 13th District Burglaries

Burglars have entered homes during the day while residents were away in the 13th Police District.

Residents are asked to be observant in the area.

Incidents have occurred in the:

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One shot at Division and California

In the early hours of Sat., July 21, a white 22-year-old male was sitting in the passenger side of a vehicle in the 2800 block of W. Division (Division and California). An offender got in the car with a gun drawn.

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