letters to the editor

Reward and reprimand for Illinois' elected officials


The incentive to dig in one’s heels to appease or energize their respective bases is sadly more appealing for our state’s legislature and governor than productively governing. If only there were a worthwhile reward for working together, and a swift statutory purge of obstructionism.

What are Family Values?


"What are family values," asks a reader regarding the Fox Motors story.

Good question Raymond, thank you for asking.

A coffee lover's comment from California

Maybe you are such coffee addict as I. Yes, I can’t imagine that I couldn’t get my cups of finest coffee each day. I usually need 8-12 cups per day.

Be aware of credit card scam


Yesterday I got a call from "Credit Card Services."

Frustrated 27th Ward resident demands resolution to inadequate City services


Please take the time to walk down the alley between Bishop and Greenview and you will see firsthand it looks like a war zone.

Open Letter to the trustees of St Paul’s Church and residents of Wicker Park


Near NorthWest Arts Council (NNWAC) is a non profit organization founded to provide resources for arts, culture and arts education programs, to integrate culture within larger community development strategies, based in Wicker Park since 1986.

NNWAC entered a legal agreement with the trustees of St Paul's (Church) in 2008, to find a use for the property that will benefit the community, without a view to profit by either party.

I have to wonder about the integrity of this publication


I have to wonder about the integrity of this publication. Why would you encourage a dialogue regarding a badly written article, and then choose what comments are worthy of publishing?

What about the 26th Ward



I was wondering if you are considering adding ward 26 to your list of ward information and also if you follow that in your news.

Share the Road?


When you hear the phrase "bicycle path" what comes to mind? Lake Shore Drive, Damen Avenue, or Milwaukee Avenue? No, the latter two are routes, not paths.

“Grand entrance” of Our Urban Times into the media realm


Having the ability to access news at the local level is an important part of living in an open society, and Our Urban Times provides just what we all need. Whether the news is about billion dollar budgets passed by the City Council, or the box office success of a play by kids at Pritzker Elementary School, it is important that we all know what is happening around us and how it affects our everyday life.

I’m happy to see Our Urban Times help fill the role and provide a way for people to get engaged in our community and our democracy.