Happy Census Day: Prove you count…Fill-in a 2020 Census


Your future, as well everyone else's in the State of Illinois, depends on you being counted in the 2020 Census count.

The Chicago area’s decrease in population over the last several years puts all Illinois residents' needs, comfort and quality of life in jeopardy. Thus, it is VITAL for EVERYONE living in Illinois to be counted. 

Federal government funding is based on population counts. As Governor J.B. Pritzker stated today, last year Illinois received $34 billion from the U.S. government for such things as education, business, training, transportation and health care. 

However, for every one-percent under-count, Illinois will lose $195 million per year for the next ten years.

In addition, the lower the population in the State, the less number of representatives we have in the Federal House of Representatives. The count also determines boundaries for determining state legislative districts. 

Everyone must be counted. From infants to the oldest adult. Whether a citizen or not, whether documented or not, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, with or without a permanent address (homeless), each person living in Illinois must be counted. 

Note that if a person's "home" is in Park Ridge, IL, and they live in Miami, FL, most of the year, like a student, they should be counted in Miami, FL, not Illinois. Test is normally where would that person be living on Apr. 1, 2020. 

The City pledges to:

  1. Ensure a fair, complete, and accurate count of every individual living in Chicago.
  2. Develop culturally-appropriate strategies for hard-to-count populations.
  1. Mobilize resources in an inclusive manner for census hiring, public engagement, and outreach.
  2. Ensure digital access and equity during the first census when a majority of Chicagoans will be invited to respond online 

Frequently asked questions may be found online

First, it will only take about 10 minutes or less! Secondly you can do it from your home. Your choices for participating are:

  • Online
  • On the phone, 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern Time, people may give information in 59 non-English languages, including American Sign Language, as well as guides in braille and large print.
  • In the mail, forms have been sent out and may be filled and returned.

The last date for filling out the census is scheduled to be Aug. 14.

REMEMBER: Be counted: You are important!



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