Moreno's campaign sign defies permit review action in Milwaukee Avenue Historic District


This is the illegal sign at 1418 N. Milwaukee Ave.*

"The sign company told my campaign that there is no permit requirement for a protected political speech display that does not have any commercial message," says Moreno.

Note: The main issue is that there should not be a vinyl sign on that historic building.

Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno, has a large illegal political advertisement hanging in the Milwaukee Ave. Historic Landmark District where the Chicago Permit Review Committee denied such signage at their Jan. 10 meeting.

Illuminated at night the 34 foot by 17 foot, vinyl sign is on the south facing wall of 1418 N. Milwaukee Ave. Furthermore, there is no permit listed for the sign. 

"This is in total violation of what happened at the Permit Review's January meeting and is disturbing," says Ed Tamminga, Chairman of the Preservation and Development Committee of the Wicker Park Committee, the local community organization. 


At night, the sign is illuminated**

The space on this building and on the south facing wall of 1537 N Damen Ave., which is in the Wicker Park Landmark District, were to be part of a negotiated settlement in two lawsuits against the City of Chicago in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Project Outdoor, LLC. is the company that has the Milwaukee Ave space, while 365 Outdoor, LLC, (365) is to control the Damen Ave. location. 

Representing both firms at the January meeting was Nick Ftikas, Law Offices of Samuel V.P. Banks. He could not be reached for comment. 

Raymond Valadez, Chief of Staff for Moreno, was surprised to hear that there was a sign on the building and was additionally surprised that it was a Moreno campaign sign. 

Photo sources: *Leagh Root, **Teddy Varndell



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