Police Roll Call at Logan Square's Lucy Flowers Park shows community solidarity


Roll Call of 14th District Police officers in Beats 1421 and 1434, led by Lieutenant Joseph Giambrone


Captain Brennan stands watch as Roll Call proceeds

Chicago Police 14th District officers arrived for the Beat 1421 and Beat 1434 Roll Call by patrol car, wagon and on bikes at Lucy Flowers Park, 2554 W. Moffat in Logan Square, Fri., June 7 at 6 p.m. Many residents joined them. 

An uptick in violence in the area prompted the Friday night Roll Call. Brass bullet shell casings, which the police express concern over, have been found in the area. More disturbing is the fact that some are from rifle rounds. 

Among the neighbors who attended the event, many expressed their concerns for safety in the area. 


Meghan Mohr with two-year-old son

"More police presence makes me feel safer. It is particularly scary when you have kids," said Meghan Mohr who has an eight-month-old and a two-year-old. 


Kristen Sachar, 2nd from right, and Brooke Houghton with back to camera

Kristen Sachar, who has lived in the area for about 12 years and whose children are older, said that she was very glad that they did the roll call by the park. 

Glad to see more police patrolling, Brooke Houghton said, "With summer comes more activity and we have so many kids around this park, more patrols would be wonderful." 


Milagros Soto and Raul Morales discuss some other neighborhood issues

"I felt powerful," said Milagros Soto who is the Beat Facilitator for 1421 and works with Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation. She and Raul Morales, a Bickerdike Board Member, felt that it was a good turnout.

Sandy Johnson, Beat 1434 Facilitator, said that she was pleased with the turnout too. "I didn't even have to bribe them with cookies and cupcakes," she said laughing.

Not long ago the neighborhood had a resident who would randomly shot in the streets. However, as explained by Lieutenant Joseph Giambrone, "The good citizens in the neighborhood went to the buildings department about the situation. Working hand-in-hand with the city and the troubled building unit, they got them [the offender] evicted. Then the owner sold the building." 


Officer talks with boys who appear to have different reactions to him

In appreciation of Beat 1434 residents' prior involvement in cleaning up the area, Giambrone made a point of personally being at the Friday Roll Call, encouraging residents and officers to continue to work together. "This Beat epitomizes the best way to work together. There are friendly caps meetings and actions are taken. Citizens come out, support the police and coordinate with different City agencies about area problems." 


Captain Brennan talks with some residents

Prior to becoming a Lieutenant and responsible for administrative duties, Giambrone was on the area's streets, serving as a patrol officer then Sergeant in the 14th District. His passion for maintaining safe communities had him present at many area meetings, often on his personal time. 

"Everyone in our community should feel blessed that we have Giambrone in our District. It is so important to know that when you tell someone something and they say they are going to do something, they do it. Like leaves in fall, officers are moved around so much you can't get to know them.

"Giambrone is a person you know will do the job."

Also present was Captain Joseph Brennan, who recently returned to the 14th District, taking over for retiring Captain Thomas Shouse.

Displaying solidarity of police and residents, outdoor police roll calls show that law abiding people claim the territory. That solidarity shows those causing disruptive and criminal behavior that they are not welcome and should go elsewhere.


This map shows the boundaries of beats in the 14th Police District



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