Residents and Chicago Police partner: Setting 2020 community policing strategic plans


One of several tables at the 14th District's 2020 Session One strategic planning event

Chicago Police Department (CPD) Districts, partnering with community business owners and residents, are in the midst of developing their 2020 Community Policing Strategic Plans. It is not too late to participate. 

This is the second year of engaging the public in CPD's strategic planning. The engagement process stems from the 2017 Community Policing Advisory Panel  recommendations. 

According to that report regarding CPD and the community, "The Department will not be successful unless it is in a true partnership with the communities it serves. It is the Department's responsibility to engage and collaborate with residents to solve problems and reduce crime." 

The CPD Consent Decree took it to the next step. Annually, each district is to hold two "community cafes/conversations." 

The process for this new approach to CPD's strategic planning by district includes the public, the local police district and CPD headquarters. 

CPD sets up the broad issues to be discussed. In Session One, attendees, which include business and community leaders and residents, along with police officers from multiple districts, self-divide into groups with a host and a note-taker at each table. 


Officer Carlos Diaz reports out the issues identified by one of the 14th District's breakout groups

Attendees bring up issues in the community and discuss them, writing them down. They are presented to all in attendance at the end of the session. 

Based on the identified issues, the district prioritizes the issues and creates a strategic plan by proposing engagements to address those issues in their district. 

That draft is sent to CPD headquarters for review and recommendations. 

Headquarters return the engagement draft to the district as the basis for Session Two. 

The local process for conversation is used again to go over the drafted plan. The District refines its engagement and sends it to CPD Headquarters for final approval. 

14th District
The 14th District's first of two "Community Conversations" for the 2020 Plan was on Oct. 9 in the Concord Music Hall, 2047 N Milwaukee Ave. 


Sergeant Henkels reviews the 2019 strategies

Describing the 2019 plans, 14th District's Sergeant Adam Henkels said, "We established three priorities: reducing gun violence in Humboldt Park; reducing robberies and thefts from autos in Wicker Park and Bucktown; and reducing robberies and thefts from autos in Logan Square." 

To accomplish those priorities they determined that they had to build trust with those being protected and be more visible in the neighborhoods, while listening to the issues, concerns and ideas being shared by the public. 

They also determined that their efforts needed to include the youth, building trust by being present and listening to them. 

Those determinations drove the 14th's 2019 activities. "We were present at more block parties; held more events with community; and engaged in more conversations," said Henkels.

The 2020 plans are focusing on crime reduction and  community engagement. In two 20-minute rounds, attendees input was recorded by note-takers at each table. 

Safety, crime reduction and communications permeated the 14th's conversations. Specifically, scooters, car thefts, catalytic converter thefts, burglaries and communications issues with officers dominated several of the conversations. 

Each host presented the key points from their table to the entire group. The notes will be reviewed and consolidated with 14th District Commander Melvin Roman before being sent to CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson's team. 


Commander Roman thanked everyone involved in this year's strategic planning process

Next, Session Two with community will occur on Wed., Nov. 13 in the Concord Music Hall, 2047 N. Milwaukee, between 6 and 8 p.m. (There is parking in the lot next to the venue.) 

At that time, the plan created to address the issues identified in Session One, will be introduced to the community. 

Everyone in all the neighborhoods in the 14th, whether or not they attended Session One, is encouraged to participate in Session Two. 

Those in attendance will have a chance to further discuss, add and change the plan for further consideration by CPD. 

Results from that session will go through the same process as session one. 

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending this evening," said Henkels, echoing Commander Roman's appreciation for community involvement in the strategic planning process. 


12th District's first session 2020 strategy meeting

12th District
The 12th District's meeting was held Tues., Oct 15, in Fosco Park, 1312 S. Racine, across from the District office. 

Shootings, robberies and thefts were the focus of their 2019 Community Policing Strategic Plans, according to Sergeant Andrew Doerge. 

Prior to their event, Doerge said that they would be focusing on crime and community engagement.

While at the meeting criminal trespassing, narcotics and thefts were brought up at their 10 tables of attendees, the 2020 targeted issues will determined after the District reviews the issues discussed at all the tables. Those discussions will determine priorities.

The 12th's second session will be Nov. 5 in Fosco Park, close to the 12th District Station at 1412 S. Blue Island.


Will you be part of the second session in your district?

Future Attendance
Everyone in Chicago has the opportunity to steer the policing ship for their area. 

As stated by the 2017 Community Policing Advisory Panel,  "The Department will not be successful unless it is in a true partnership with the communities it serves." 

CPD is fulfilling its responsibility to engage and collaborate with residents. 

Are you partnering in the solution for effective policing? You still have an opportunity in Session Two in your Chicago Police District.



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