Sounds of mechanical buzzing send you to the window?


A pile of twigs at the base of the utility pole, attest to the crews trimming work

The outdoor sounds of big machines and the buzz of saws always send me to the window.

Personally, it hurts my heart every time I see a tree felled. What about you? 

This time, the sounds are because of ComEd. And, primarily, their work seems to be that of trimming not felling. In fact, they sent out notices. 

"Arborists performing vegetation management for ComEd will be working in your neighborhood within the next 3 months." 

Why are they doing this?
Reliable electric service means making sure that the electric lines are free of trees and other vegetation. According to ComEd, 13% of all electric service interruptions are caused by trees and vegetation. 

"Our vegetation management crews are trained in proper arboricultural pruning techniques and take into account the species, growth rate and location of the tree in relation to the overhead wires, as well as the health of the tree, site conditions, and regulatory requirements before beginning any trimming project," says the ComEd website. 


What do you do if you see a need for trimming around lines on your property?
First, know that is dangerous. 

Secondly, ComEd requests that you contact them when you plan to do any tree trimming work near electrical conductors. They will advise you about how to work safely. 

Here is some ComEd information about tree trimming.



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