Meet Brock Riebe: Invincible Filmmaker


Brock Riebe

I’ve always loved these words from Albert Camus: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

In the depths of last winter I was feeling anything but invincible. Winding my way through a maze of permits, inspections and licenses (oh my), I often wondered if this dream of mine was ever going to see the light of day. Yet every time I felt like giving up, I’d get a little reminder from the Universe that I was on the right path. Brock Riebe’s note was one such reminder. 

Long before we opened our doors, Brock Riebe reached out via Facebook to let me know that he too was in the depth of his own undertaking – editing his independent film, Incall. He shared that he couldn't wait to have a coffee shop in the neighborhood.

In reading that note, I could see the seeds I had planted begin to sprout with the promise of creating a space for artists. 

Brock entered Cup & Spoon on our first day (May 28), and I felt as if I was reuniting with an old friend. We quickly began chatting about his project and he informed me that he still had a lot of work ahead of him, with just a few weeks left to edit before the cast and crew screening. 


Sitting at the Cup & Spoon counter, Brock edits his film

From that day on, Brock has come through our door, laptop and hard drive in tow, ready to work. At the end of June I got the opportunity to view Incall.

Having come to know Brock, I expected his film to be really good. It was even better than I could have imagined. 


Poster for his film

Now, as Brock nears his first public screening, I can attest to the many hours he’s spent further perfecting his film. From sound mastering, to music mixing, to color correcting and more, watching Brock’s creative process has been an honor. 

With his masterpiece nearly finished, Incall is soon to launch.


I’m originally from: I could tell you...but then I would be forced to kill you. 

I’m passionate about: Everything; most importantly music, art of all kinds, spirituality. 

My life’s work includes: I work as a private fitness trainer and fitness and health is an important part of my life; but my life's work definitely is in the arts. I'm a filmmaker (I just completed my first feature film) and a singer/songwriter. 

At the top of my bucket list you’ll find: A more important list of things I can do to live a long, healthy, happy life.

Photos by Rosie Quasarano



Thank you for this article. It is lovely how you were able to create a relationship with the artist Brock and he with you. You both have seen each other's ideas manifest from start to finish, and that is truly marvelous. This shows that you have also, while pursuing your dreams, created community through the appreciation of one another's skills and talents. :o) I wish you both continued success.

Thank you for those kind

Thank you for those kind words, Trisha.

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