Meet Matthew Keane: Multifaceted Musician (and Great Dad)


Matt Keane

One summer morning Matt and Elliott Keane rolled into the shop. Well, what I should say is that Elliott rolled in on the stroller his dad Matt was pushing.

Elliot was four months old at the time, with hair as fluffy as a chick. He is one of the sweetest babies we’ve ever met, and all of us at the shop instantly fell in love. 


Erin and Elliott

Over the next few months we got to know this duo of regulars well. We learned Matt and his family had moved to Chicago just a few months before Cup & Spoon’s opening, as Matt’s wife Erin had received a great career opportunity in the city. 

It appeared we were all starting new chapters in our lives. 

Matt is a musician and has been part of several bands throughout the country.

His last project was Fine Subterraneans, an indie rock band he started in Cleveland.  

He played trumpet in The Extraordinary Rendition Band, a festival marching band in Rhode Island, and played bass for several years with the punk rock band Estocar in Seattle. 

I respect the dedication Matt has for his art. Being a musician is not an easy path, and he navigates it with quiet confidence. 

He graciously performed at one of our art shows in December and is lending his support in another way, too. We are honored that he has volunteered to host our open mic series



Launched on Thurs., Jan. 22, we feel confident that with his guidance we can make our open mic nights sustainable, successful events for local musicians. 

Every day I take away something from the people I meet at the shop. In the mornings when I see Matt holding Elliott’s hands, following behind him as he wobbles around, I remember that I too am supported in this journey. 

Thanks to family, friends, and neighbors - my shaky entrepreneurial legs, like Elliott’s, become stronger with each step. Matt, Erin, and Elliott have given me a great gift in this daily reminder. 


Matt Keane's originally from: Winona, MN 

I’m passionate about: Music, collective action, independent thought

My life’s work includes:

Studying philosophy & literature  
Traveling the U.S.A and living/staying in 9 different cities in 12 years
Playing guitar and singing in 5 different and distinct bands across the country -Fine SubterraneansExtraordinary Rendition BandEstocar, Gentlemen Jailer, and Kitsch
Building massive steel sculptures - mfkworks
Turning a city bus into a birthday cake - Cakewalk
Raising the best little boy ever 

At the top of my bucket list you’ll find: Playing a worldwide tour with a 4-5 piece band 

My desert island book would be: The Red Book by Carl Jung 

One person (past or present) I would love to share a cup of coffee with: Johnny Cash 

Of all the websites on the www, you need to visit this one today: (insert url of this feature)


Meet Matthew Keane: Multifaceted Musician (and Great Dad) | Our

Hey there! I've been following your site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent work!

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