New Officer Friendly gets a partner: Tommy Hawk


Officer Friendly greets students as they go down the hall in Goethe school

Officer Friendly, 14th District Officer Tom McNamara, is standing in the hall at Goethe Elementary School, 2236 N Rockwell St.

It is Monday morning and he is high-fiving and talking to the masses of children moving from one room in the school to another. 

All age groups seem to know him, are even excited to see him. One group, the kindergartners through third graders, march into one room where Goethe Principal Barbara Kargas, talks with the students before introducing Officer Friendly, who has some exciting news. 


Friendly's new partner, Tommy Hawk brings tickets for Goethe winner

The news is that someone in that classroom is a winner in the Pledge Drawing. 

In the last two months since McNamara became Officer Friendly under CAPS Sergeant Adam Henkels, he has visited ten schools and asked students to take a pledge. The pledge is "To be a good citizen, to help others, to stay safe and to make Chicago a better place." 

For those who took the pledge, they were given a deputy's badge (a sticker) and a raffle ticket for a set of two Blackhawks tickets. Close to 800 students were entered in the raffle. 

Friendly is going to make the announcement, explained Kargas. But first, Friendly wants them to meet his new partner…Tommy Hawk! 


Tommy Hawk gave Lilly Spurgeon two tickets to a game, surrounded by Louisa Hoyt (l) Officer Friendly and John Spurgeon


Tommy Hawk hands out stickers to all the students

Tommy comes into the room as the sound of the United Center's game horn rumbles through the room. He is bursting confetti poppers and shooting silly string as the kids laugh, squeal, clap and giggle with joy. 

The announcement is made and Lilly Spurgeon is the big winner. She and the adult of her choice will be going to the game where they not only will see the game, eat ice cream and popcorn but will receive a special welcome by the Hawk's Andrew Roan. He will give her a goodie bag that will give her even more memories. 

A second set of tickets were presented to another student at Carlos Fuentes Charter School, 2845 W. Barry.

"My job is to interact with youth," says McNamara. I go to all the schools in the district during the year at dismissal time and just say hi to the kids and talk with them. It is vital that we build trust with them. In this short time they are already calling out to Officer Friendly when they see me. 

"We have the peer jury program that we do with teens and do other youth programs too." 

So when you see Officer Tom McNamara, just say, "Hi Officer Friendly!"


Principal Barbara Kargas gives Tommy a hug as Officer Friendly and Lilly are flanked by other school staff members



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