Thanks to our Transporters and You!

Gnome de Plume

Gnome de Plume observing travelers at the Damen Blue Line Station

We gnomes give a big shout out to our Transporters. They were awesome! 

Since so many people have asked about us, I want to tell you how we came to WPB SSA #33. 

The City told the SSA's Program Director Jessica Wobbekind that any decorative item that goes into that intersection at Milwaukee, Wood and Wolcott could be no taller than three feet. 


Steve Jensen, Brent Norsman, Beth Sholtis and Molly Huber load one of the two trucks with gnomes

At a meeting, she jokingly said that she would just have to put in a city of gnomes. SSA Commissioner Brent Norsman, an architect, thought that we gnomes would be a good symbol for the environment and might be fun. 

He and Jessica took the idea to the SSA's Promote Committee. Those people, who included Rebecca Dohe and Elaine Coorens, thought it would be cool to have orange gnomes throughout their district. 


Brent Norsman, Molly Huber and Jessica Wobbekind talk about distribution locations

Then the challenge was to find enough of us who were the right size. (We come in many sizes.) The Commission approved the expenditure, giving staff just about a week to get everything ready for our magical appearance today, on Arbor Day. 

Just so happens that they found my clan outside the district at WalMart. Problem was that they could buy no more than a dozen per order. That somehow confused a credit card company, but we did arrive in an overstuffed UPS truck on Tuesday. 


David Ginople places one of the gnomes along the street

Our Captain felt it was important that at least one of us remained in our traditional dress, but the rest of us were really excited to be able to add to WPB's orange theme. 


Gnomes need cash too

This morning at 4 a.m., we so appreciated a team of people who got us out of the spray site, on to the sidewalk, into pickup trucks and distributed throughout the district. If you don't know them, you should! They were Steve Jensen from the Bucktown Community Organization, Commissioners Rebecca Dohe, David Ginople and Brent Norsman; committee person Elaine Coorens; along with staff members Beth Sholtis, Molly Huber and Jessica. 


Gnome hangs out at a Fire Station

What fun we have been having! We are the same size as some of the kids who come by. They are so happy that they don't have to look up. We've noticed that they often read the tree tags but their parents don't. Hmmm…. 


Gnomes exercise too

We are concerned that some of our clansmen maybe letting the celebrity go to the tip of their heads. That is really NOT a good idea…but there is at least one cone head in every clan, I guess. 

In case no one told you, we are magical. So, you may have noticed that we disappear, then reappear somewhere else. Right now, even our Captain is missing from Milwaukee/Damen/North. 

While we are given human defensive training, I hope the captors are respectful to my friends. 

In all, we hope we've brought a smile  to your face and a reminder to honor our environment and add to its well-being. 

Jessica says,"I am really happy that we increased Arbor Day awareness. There have really been no negative comments on social media, that I've seen. Amazing! Everyone seems to love a gnome!" 

And we all love you all back! Please be sure to say, "Hi" to us as you go by or give us a hug. And hug a tree for me too, will you? My arms are too short. Thanks!



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