Articulate your success with a compelling vision


"If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place" - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now.

Articulating your passion and then creating a compelling vision is one of the simplest exercises in motivating and attracting your desired success. It is like putting the key in the ignition of your automobile to get it started. The vision is the key to start your engine!

Masters of success have a vision that aligns with their values. They aren't traveling on a path based on reacting to circumstances. They create opportunities based on their burning desire to transform what is to what's possible.

Evolution is part of nature. Nothing stays the same, yet rather than take advantage of the potential within, the majority of people fight to keep situations/relationships the same regardless of dissatisfaction. More than likely they are subconsciously using familiar habits and strategies to transform expecting new results. It's ludicrous to expect different results using the same patterns! These actions are more of survival rather than proactive self-leadership in generating opportunities.

Success begins with you and your willingness not to work harder, but smarter. This does require accessing your potential through self-awareness. You already have the potential, why not access it?

Trying to force success by working harder is draining physical resources and very stressful on mind, body and soul. Accessing potential from within to generate outward success is far more lucrative and fulfilling.

It is from your inner resources where dreams reside waiting to hear from you. Eleanor Roosevelt said of dreams: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Maybe you want a fulfilling professional career and environment where you thrive rather than survive. Maybe you are a successful executive who is ready to take on a new challenge. Maybe you want to expand your entrepreneurial talents but feel stuck in the muck with overwhelm. The answers lie in you being proactive in developing your self-leadership. Having a vision you believe in and are passionate about is a very good beginning.

A compelling vision is a future you live into and generate. It is something that is important to you. It is something you desire. It isn't stagnant. As you evolve, your vision evolves. It is a key to your authenticity as a leader no matter what you do or where you are. It is doing what you love and the money will follow.

Think about what is important to you in putting together your vision statement. Here are some questions and tips to help you write a vision statement that appeals to you:

  • Ask yourself if you were president of a company, what type of company is it? What difference does your company make to its customers? What are the company's values? What is it you like about the company?
  • You are thinking of making a career transition. What is inspiring you to make this transition? Even if it is out of necessity, change happens and change is calling for a new direction. Look at change as a gift of opportunity to answer your calling. In following your current path, what interrupted dream that you put aside is aching to be acted upon?
  • Don't get stuck in the "how" of moving forward with a vision. It is an ego trap to keep you in fear, anxiety and doubt. Look at transition as an adventure and enjoyable exploration.
  • Keep it simple. Search on the Internet for vision statements. What words seem to jump out at you from the visions you found? What words speak to your values? Write them down. Don't worry about sequence. This is an exercise to get in touch with your feelings.
  • Masterminding is a great success strategy. Find a mentor or someone who believes in you to brainstorm with.
  • Put together a vision statement that feels good to you and one you are ready to start taking action on. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. Take one step at a time. From here you can start going to the next step of planning.

Remember: Anything is possible and you are the possibility of what you truly want!



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