Jim Angrabright

After a 30 year career in the IT industry, Jim Angrabright is now able to pursue other interests including landscaping, garden design and gardening. Although he spent many hours in his father's ornamental and vegetable garden, most of his adult life was limited to apartment gardening. "My gardening interests were rekindled ten years ago when I landscaped a small city lot for my condo association.  Five years after that, I joined the Wicker Park Garden Club where I am now able to garden again on a large scale," Jim explains.

Stories from Jim Angrabright

Add interest to your winter garden: Three Friends of Winter


Wouldn’t it be heart lifting during these winter months to gaze out your window, into your garden and see a little green? Maybe a focal point or two? Or a precursor of spring? 

There are any number of ways to add interest to your garden in winter and I present here one of my favorites: suihan sanyou or literally “three friends in winter”. And those friends are bamboo, pine and plum. "


Old Xmas Tree!


You’re spent. More then likely, you’ve overspent. But at last the holidays are over. And now’s the time to clean up the mess.


The Poinsettia is also a flower


Iconic images can become ubiquitous and with omnipresence comes monotony. The end of the year, when the holidays pile up like a multi-car crash on the Kennedy, is fraught with many such images, images which inhabit our imagination all too completely: bronzed turkeys, Father Time, Xmas trees, crèches, dreidels and...poinsettias.