Golf is a sport


Golf is a sport, a lifestyle and a game for fun with others. Do you ever master it? This column will cover all aspects of this game of integrity.

Golf is an adult sport, not the team sports you dwell upon learning in schools. It is a lifetime sport for adults. Sure,a few young ones may learn and play at it, but usually not for the reasons adults do. Adults are divided between 1) players for physical activity and commonality and 2) athletes on a quest to master the strokes using physical and mental skills to lower their scores.

The BIG question is,"Does a golfer in either of these categories compete against himself or his buddies?"  As with any individual sport you have your choice.  First in order to enjoy golf, one needs to improve. When he is satisfied with his own playing abilities, he can then enjoy the game. Next he decides what level of competition is right for him.

Let us toast to the New Year with a glass of Arnold Palmer (ice tea and lemonade),a true golf drink. To review 2009, my greatest story is the great American competitor Tom Watson at age 59 coming in the closet second possible in the British Open. What a feat! He is a true hero, a man admired and emulated for his qualities and achievements.  Even though he is a past winner of eight major championships, this was his finest moment.

I would be remiss, not to mention Tiger Woods. You can always tell a Tiger by his stripes. Be single and play the field!  Some men are not good fathers or husbands. The great Walter Hagen was not married and did very well as a golfer. Since Hagen admired the putting ability of Bobby Jones, the greatest amateur golfer of his time,  putting will be covered next.

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