1st Ward Alderman Flores thanks community and announces Friday's resignation


Manny Flores thanks SSA #33 commissioners

At last night's SSA #33 (WPB) monthly commissioners' meeting, 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores thanked the commissioners for their work and announced that his resignation is effective end of business on Friday, January 15.  This evening he distributed his farewell thank you letter to the Ward. Flores will be taking on his new role as Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission on January 19.

Flores arrived at last night's meeting just as his Chief of Staff, Raymond Valadez, was completing the 1st Ward's state-of-the-state report .  Flores thanked the commissioners for their work, volunteer leadership and civic participation.  Having led the way, starting in 2003/2004, for the successful formation of SSA #33, he expressed how proud he was of its development and accomplishments,  "You are highly regarded as one of the better performing SSAs in Chicago. "

The commissioners and Flores both expressed sadness about his leaving his aldermanic post but he reminded them that he would remain a resource to them.  "I will be actively promoting more clean technology and energy in a way to create more jobs and strengthen this state's standing in economic development with green technology, technology and broadband.  With sustainability issues in your Master Plan, I hope you take advantage of using me as a resource. My staff has done an outstanding job and will continue to be there for you.  Thank you again for your work."

At close of business tonight, soon to be former Alderman Manny Flores' office distributed the following letter:

Dear friends, 
Last week, Governor Quinn appointed me Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission. I have worked closely with the Governor for many years and admire him greatly, so I was truly honored and humbled by the appointment. As you know, throughout my tenure in the Chicago City Council I have championed clean technology, clean energy and economic development. I believe that as Chairman of the ICC I will have an opportunity to continue to work on these important matters in a broader capacity.

Today I attended my last City Council meeting. It has been a great honor and privilege to serve you in the Chicago City Council as Alderman of the 1st Ward. Through my City Council experience, I have learned much about the importance of public service and working hard to improve the lives of our citizens and the quality of life in our community. The City Council is indeed a remarkable place that is made up of very caring and thoughtful public servants. I will miss serving and working with you as Alderman. I will also miss my colleagues in the Chicago City Council.

My new post requires that I step down as Alderman. As such I am leaving my Aldermanic post, and my resignation is effective at the close of business Friday, January 15th. The aldermanic office shall remain open and operational until Mayor Daley announces my successor.

I thank you for your friendship and support. I am very excited about my new public service opportunity and look forward to serving you as Chairman of the ICC.

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