Alderman Brian Hopkins looks in rearview mirror at 2016 only


Alderman Brian Hopkins

Question: Alderman Hopkins, what do you see as the top five issues for 2017 in Chicago and your 2nd Ward?  

Despite multiple requests to Alderman Hopkins before and after a promise from him to send 2017 issues for the City and/or 2nd Ward, we have received nothing.

He did verbally provide Ward accomplishments for 2016, as seen below. 

Rear View Mirror…2016 

  • Infrasturcture Backlog

We poured a lot of asphalt and while there is more to do, this time of year is hard to do that so we are evaluating streets again. 

We continue to work with Commonwealth Edison and Peoples Gas as we plan more street repaving. 

The traffic light at Hoyne and Chicago, a project started years ago, is to be installed in the next month. 

  • Rat Abatement

The proposed new dry ice technique for rat abatement was tested in the 2nd Ward's Washington Square Park, also known as Bughouse Square, 901 N. Clark St. It also has been successful in Pulaski Park.

While it works well in some places it does not in all. It requires closing off all sides of an area. On the west side of the Ward, vaulted sidewalks prevent that technique's success. We use other methods as well, such as bated traps.

  •  Volunteer Snow Removal

A volunteer core has shovels at the ready for snow removal, helping the disabled. 

  • Cleanup Volunteers

I am encouraged by response of residents in efforts to clean up alleys and parks.

Not sure if you are in the 2nd Ward? Here is the map. The 2nd Ward website may be reached here




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