Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno looks toward 2017 with quick look in rearview mirror at 2016 in the first Ward


Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno

Question: Alderman Moreno, what do you see as the top five issues for 2017 in Chicago and your 1st Ward?  

In the City

  • Violence and Crime

Although the violence rates are not as high in the 1st Ward as other parts of the city, we need to approach this head-on as every neighborhood in Chicago effects the others. 

I am going to vigorously seek funding Cease Fire,  which the state has failed to fund for many years. This is just ONE of the components of many that we need to embrace to curb the violence in our city. 

  •  Schools

Continuing the excellent performance in our elementary schools and forging an excellent experience in our high schools. Roberto Clemente High School in the 1st Ward is a perfect example of this.  

  • Expand Tax Base

Continuing to EXPAND the tax base rather than going to our same residents for tax increases.  

  • Minimum Wage 

I sponsored the ordinance that created the $13/ hr minimum wage. We need to push that up to $15/ hr in 2017. 

  • Sanctuary City

Make sure immigrants are safe in our city with the threat of this new Federal Administration.  

In the 1st Ward

I would say the City issues above are the same in the Ward and  I'd add two more: 

  • Continue to grow right sized developments with affordable housing as part of the mix. To date, the 1st Ward has brought in more affordable units in the last 5 years than any other of the 50 wards. I look to work with the community to continue this practice. 
  • Continue to privately raise (Over $70,000 of non tax payer money in 2016) to compliment city services such as: graffiti removal, empty lot cleaning, cleaning under the Blue Line, etc. 

Rear View Mirror…2016

The Ward has become strong, is maintaining its diversity in every way and it is growing.

Land that was vacant generating almost no income is now generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with affordable units.

Big disappointment was the change in plastic bag regulation. Reducing the use of plastic bags is a behavioral issue. Charging for bags will not make that change for many people. 

The 1st Ward website may be reached here and a map of the 1st Ward may be seen here.



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