Community reacts to Flores departure as 1st Ward Alderman


Community comments regarding Alderman Flores move to the state level of government as ICC Chairman run the range of complete surprise to no surprise but curiosity as to why.  While everyone is wishing him well, community members' major concerns are focusing on who will be the new 1st Ward Alderman and how well he/she will work with the community.

Waguespack and Flores at Business Mtg

Aldermen Waguespack (left) and Flores (center) discuss city issues with business owners.

Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward Alderman, praises Flores' work and wishes him well, "Working with Alderman Flores over the past three years has been a great experience, and together we have produced a number of laws and policies that I know will endure the test of time in our city, including opening the door on TIF reform, promoting transparency in city budgets, and even promoting the preservation of our history through landmarks legislation. Now 'Chairman Flores' will be a great asset to the people of the state with his appointment to the Commerce Commission and it will be a welcome sight to see the politics as usual mold broken at the state level. I also look forward to his recommendation for the next alderman of the First Ward who I know will be a strong independent, capable of continuing the steps we have made toward bringing Chicago’s governance into the 21st century. Congratulations to Chairman Flores."

"Alderman Flores is someone who builds solutions.  He has been especially effective and responsive to the community," stated the Wicker Park Committee's Ed Tamminga.  "Looking forward, as the new WPC President, I hope that his replacement is equally effective."  The WPC is primarily a residential organization that has served the community since 1973.

"I am happy for him and his accomplishment," commented Paula Barrington, Executive Director for the Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce.  "This is a big gain for the State but a loss for our community.  I hope that his successor has as grand a vision for the area as he did."

"Manny Flores has been great to work with over the years.  He and his staff have been quick to respond to requests and solving problems.  We'll miss him," said the West Town Chicago Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kara Salgado.

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