With the prediction of snow and a potential for ice on sidewalks, the "being considerate of others" test is about to be activated for the 2015-16 Winter Season! Those who fail the test can be fined! 

"Every owner, lessee, tenant, occupant or other person having charge of any building or lot…" is required to clear the sidewalk completely (not greater than five feet) of snow and ice under Chicago Municipal Code 10-8-180. Non-compliance can result in a $50 fine. 

If the snowfall occurs before 4 p.m. during the day (excepting Sundays), it is to be removed within three hours after the snow has fallen or accumulated. If the snow falls or accumulates after 4 p.m. or on Sunday, removal is to occur before 10 a.m. 

As stated under Chicago Municipal Code 4-4-310, businesses can be fined daily between $200 and $1,000, if they do not remove snow and ice from in front of their establishments. In fact, they can be denied future licensing. 

If sidewalks are not cleared, the City says to call 311 and make a "Snow-Uncleared Sidewalk" request or fill out the form online. 

These are the suggestions for the contact:

- Make sure the problem occurs on the sidewalk.

- DO NOT use this category to report snow on streets, parking lots, or alleys.

- Provide a specific address where the problem occurs.

- Request a reference number from the operator, this will help you track the status and resolution of your request. 

Please remember that our neighborhoods with young children, seniors and those with disabilities are particularly challenged in the winter when sidewalks are not properly cleared.



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