The Winning Hawks connection: Brian Hopkins and the new 2nd Ward Office


Hopkins and staff greet people outside new 2nd Ward Office

UPDATES: New office opens for business on July 1. And, Steve Niketopoulos is the new Chief of Staff for the 2nd Ward.

The last several days have been big for new 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins. He opened his new office and the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! 

Arriving an hour before the official Saturday 9 a.m. office opening, people were already lined up outside. "I was so excited, it looked like the day after Thanksgiving at Walmart. People who did not even need a City Sticker came today just to enjoy the food trucks and wish us well," said Hopkins. "We feel  as though we are already a part of the neighborhood, but this is the warmest welcome I could possibly have hoped for. It is a great day and I am so glad that I chose this location for the Ward Office." 


Looking from the office out to the front as Hopkins interacts with a constituent

The office is at 1400 N. Ashland, coincidentally…or not…, at the corner of Blackhawk. For those who did not stop by on Saturday, there was a lot of red and black in sight. Staffers were sporting red Hawks jerseys or black tee-shirts. There was even a drawing for two tickets to the Monday night Stanley Cup winning game. 


From the reception area City Clerk staff are seen dispensing City Stickers

In red, Hopkins, an avid hockey and Blackhawks fan, wore the number 2 with his name emblazoned on the back, as he greeted constituents and friends, directing people to two service stations and food trucks. 


Hopkins (r) and his mother Barbara talk with I-Cash representative

The service stations were from State of Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs' Office and City Clerk Susana Mendoza's Office. 

The representative of the Treasurer's Discover What Is Yours service did an online search for a resident's name. Amazingly, Hopkins discovered his family had an entry in the database! 

Representatives of the City Clerk's Office, were quickly and efficiently dispensing City Stickers to residents. 


From across Ashland, three food trucks are seen on Ashland and Blackhawk

Outside food trucks enticed residents with a variety of mouth-watering offerings. 

While the office was amazingly "put together" for the opening, there are "finishing" touches needed before the doors are opened full time next Monday.

However, 2nd Ward connections are website, phone number 312.643.2299, email and signup for their newsletter. Office hours on Ashland, as of Monday, will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week.



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