Program changes at Pulaski School are going well


Dr. Baccillieri speaks with parents last fall

In August 2009, meetings were underway to bring the Accelerated International Baccalaureate (IB) program to the Pulaski Fine-Arts Academy, 2230 W. McLean (north of Armitage at Leavitt) and phasing out the fine arts academy. There were, in some cases, vast differences of opinion about the coming and going of the programs.

Just two years later, the interest is to advance the original schedule, to move the program to all grades beginning this fall, rather than rolling it in gradually.

Caryn Brissman, Education Policy Advisor to 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack, explains, "In order to become a certified IB program, the school needs to have the program rolled out into all grades. At the Aug16 meeting, Dr. Baccillieri, the school's principal detailed ISAT scores, which went up seven percent, more than double the Chicago Public Schools' (CPS) average. This demonstrates to the school community that the change has been positive and there is no reason to delay moving forward."

Contrary to the fears of several, the current fine arts program would continue to be funded.

Further detailing the meeting, Brissman said, "said that there will be a series of meetings with teachers and parents to help them better understand the IB program once the school year begins.

"Other families from outside of the neighborhood were concerned that this roll out would increase Pulaski's popularity, making it more difficult for their younger children to gain a spot once they are ready for kindergarten. Representatives detailed the priority level given to siblings.

"All in all, the meeting went well with a comparatively low anxiety level among the attendees."



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